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Monday, April 5, 2010

And he stayed for the whole movie

This is a celebration post.

RyLeigh, who will be 6 on Friday, went to see How to Tame a Dragon and was able to sit through the entire movie. Well he didn't exactly sit through the whole movie. But the first showing in a very small and out of the way movie house was the key. This was his first theatre experience. Shelley never wanted to set him up for failure by taking him to somewhere that he would not be able to be successful. He has impulse issues and can be at times, a bit of a handful.

Lots of activity, loud sounds, emotional themes, other kids, someone staring at him, the dark are all things that cause him distress. Yep that would be the picture show as my Daddy Jack called it. Going to the movies has been a non activity for Ry until Sunday.

He came home and said to Papa and I, "I was a terrific success at my movie". Why, yes he was. He was apprehensive when the lights lowered, covered his ears when the promos started, stood up and said he wanted to go now, when the movie got emotional but he was able to self soothe and overcame his discomfort and watched his first movie in a theatre.

Damn people this is huge. Just gynormously huge. He is coming along just fine. Unlike Peter Pan, this boy wants to be a real, grownup boy and is making great strides. Yeah for Ry, yay for us.


  1. Good on you Ry - He has such a beautiful smile.

  2. Ry has good taste in movies apparently, I want to see that one myself. :)

    Congratulations to him on such a huge accomplishment and to you and the rest of the family for helping him get there. And *hugs* all around.

  3. This type of success is so wonderful...when they try so hard and win...congratulations to you all...brings a tear to my eye...

  4. Linda, that is wonderful. He is such a cute and happy looking child - that is a great picture of him. Way to go Ry!

  5. Great for Ry! It's wonderful that he enjoyed the movie and could stay the whole time! :o) He looks adorable in this photo!

    I plan to take Lucas to watch this next Saturday, we love dragons!

    Kisses and love from us.

  6. I think that is wonderful. I have some stresses that I deal with everyday. Good to see that Ry gets out there. From sounds of it he did wonderful. Great job to him and great to have understanding people in his corner. have a great week. hug to you.

  7. RyLeigh is so proud that all of you know that he "did it all right". Your encouragenment is yet another thing that has brought a smile to his face. Thanks

  8. I just recently found your blog and I do want to leave a comment for Ry: well done and hey, this praise comes right form the other side of the pond:-))) Hugs form Germany

  9. Awesome! We are all so proud of Ry with you.

    I am glad he got to enjoy the movie. That one is on our list of must see's too.


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