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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ry says thanks...........

Thank you to all who commented about Ry's new success and thanks to those who gave us good thoughts too.

Here is the swing of the pendulum comment. Sunday was wonderful, yesterday...not so much. He had a day....where I wanted to run far, far away and hide until I felt better. But that my darlings is the nature of the beast we named RyLeigh.

This morning, I read him parts of my blog from yesterday. But I read him all the comments. He was so overcome with a strange joy. He was so excited that "my lovelies" had talked to him. When I explained who each of you were, he was over the moon. "From other countries, really Oma? and they talked to me?" "Somebody who lives in SC where I used to live, do they know my Dad?" And then here's the best, "can I take the computer to show the class how other people like me?" Three waffles and some convincing later he decided he could just tell about it instead.....Whew dodged the bullet on that one.


  1. How fun, so happy for him and you. Baby steps are sometimes giant!

  2. Just read yesterday's post too...yea for Ry!!! Tell him crazy Georgina sends him lots of high 5's!! Hey Lady, I know what you're talking about...those days will always remain in my mind and how my guy was able to overcome many and have many more success!! So I'm so proud of Ry!!!

    Will be emailing you in a couple of days...it's been crazy around here and since I will be "home" all day on Thurs., remember that colonoscopy thingy I'm having Friday, well, need to stay close to home if you get what I mean!!! LOL Will have lots of time to catch up!!!!!!!

    Love ya mucho, my dearest lovely, B&G,

  3. Such excitement...so happy to make him happy...

  4. Oh Linda, I am happy he was so excited, Take care, I hope you have a great week. Hugs to you,

  5. Aaww.. So lovely! Send him a kiss from the far Brazil...

    And it's a day, a step at a time, right?

    Kisses and love from us.


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