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Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday dear RyLeigh Eoan, happy birthday to us

RyLeigh Eoan was born 6 years ago today. Sweet Man and I have been blessed to be in attendance at both of the grands births. I hope we don't have any more because I don't know if I could go through watching my darling girl in that much discomfort again. It hurts me too bad.

Yes, yes it is an awesome beautiful moment, blah, blah, blah, but for a Mom watching, it still hurts. Just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Ry was a squirmy bit of work when he made his appearance. Very active, very animated. I swore on his birth that since he had stolen mine from me I didn't have to have any more. So I have been in suspended birthday animation for 6 years. Mind now it hasn't kept me from aging but finally the onus is off of me on this day and where it should be...on the kid.

Here is a RyLeighism for you from this morning. Upon awakening, he said he wanted to make sure that I put his chocolate cupscakes into his backpack for his party at school today. I told him no I couldn't, but his Mom would bring them when she went to school this afternoon. He said oh dear, will it still be my birthday then? Gotta love it.

From his Papa and I he will get a loud, obnoxious Tonka tractor with a front end scraper blade and a trencher on the rear, more sidewalk chalk paraphanalia, presents of unknown description from his Mom, an ice cream cake and much love from his family and friends. As it should be. 


  1. I bet he will be so excited to have a big, loud, obnoxious truck too! I remember when I was younger that I was always jealous that my brother got all the cool toys like that. ;)

    A very happy birthday, Ry! It's been a big week with the movie, finding out people all over the world like him and turning the big 6. Have a wonderful birthday and weekend.

    And that goes doubly for you, Ms. Sneakily mention it's your birthday and hope no one notices. Make sure you treat yourself to a cupcake. :)

  2. ~aaahhh....happy 6th birthday to your dear little one! may his day be filled with lots of fun and yummy foods to eat...to a new year! happy birthday Ryleigh...a tractor...mine would go bananas...lucky little guy is he...happy driving for him...brightest blessings~

  3. awww.....happy birthday to the grandbaby!!!! thanks for the wonderful complements!

  4. Happy 6th birthday to your dear little grand baby...and may I add, one of the most loving and caring grandma's I have met.

  5. You must sing happy birthday to him, and tell him it is being sent all the way from Canada. I hope he likes his cupscakes. have a happy day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Ry! I wish you a long life full of love and light! What a sweet post. Linda!

    Kisses and love from us.

    PS: That smiley site is really awesome, isn't it? This weekend we're going to smile hunt around too!Let me know what you find!

  7. I hope he had a grand birthday!

  8. Happy birthday to the dynamic Duo! A big truck sounds just divine.


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