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Friday, February 5, 2010

Another tick

As I stated on Olde Baggs, Ry has been ill with a double ear infection and the creeping crud for over a week now. Our time together has been a blessings on many more levels than I have energy in my fingers or you have time to read, and I am thankful for each positive encounter and also aware of the negatives.

I am not trying to be a downer, but most of the negatives are rooted either in his autism or his encounters with abuse. It is very hard to separate the two. His ticks which are part of the physical side of his disorder are not so subtle most of the time. Wagging his head, making his eyes cross, bobbing his head and shoulders, constantly repeating everything he hears (like Rainman) and I'm not sure that the noises made for his playing isn't split between being a boy or the Asperger's. But I sure know it all is very disconcerting to say the least. Add in a barking cough and aggitation from the cough syrup and I have had one hell of a ride this week. And of course now have the crud, oh well, this too will pass.

But this week has also afforded me the opportunity to see the tell tale signs of his abuse. Not a happy thing unless I look at it like an insight into his story. He, when told to do something like get back in bed so you can rest and other direct orders, holds his left arm up, like someone is dragging him. Also when I attempted to take his temperature on his forehead, he threw up his arms to protect his head and face. The last is the worst. He will sit in his room, playing in bed and unless I go and tell him, he will not go to the bathroom to relieve himself. Just suffers. Poor little critter. But I won't let it make me feel sorry for him because he has communicated with me, whether intentional on his part or not and that is huge. He is getting to the root of the abuse, even if he can't verbalize it's origins.

The counselor will be pleased to hear the progress he is making.....as soon as we are well enough to tell her. Cough, cough, sneeze, blow....that's the recipe for this one. As well as a gallon of hand sanitizer, chicken soup and hot water, hot ginger tea and love. Huh.


  1. That poor little boy. It breaks my heart. I just cannot understand how people can hurt little children...although I see it all the time on my job...both the abusers and those who have been abused. It's dreadful.

  2. I am thinking of you both and know you will both will heal, you are doing a wonderful job and Ry is very lucky to have you. Hope you get well soon from the cold type crud.

  3. Holy Moly girl, you gots your hands full. The Asperger is a real drag. My 24 year old son still does his proverbial rocking, has to touch everything and other little things connected to his autism. That little Ry is one lucky kid to have you as his grandmommy...you're the best!!! After this, take a couple of days off and just lock yourself up in your happy place!!! YEA RIGHT!!! Oh well, just a suggestion!!

    Love ya mucho,


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