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Friday, April 10, 2015

April Ross alias, Henry Rott and The Angry Gnome presents...................

April is also a dear friend of mine. And does not have a blog but is an integral part of Celebrate Oz as a presenter so she borrows this blog for the celebration.

 April has the most fertile mind I have ever known. She builds whole worlds for her gnomes and creates the most delightful stories and vignettes out of paper mache and whatever else "tickles her fancy". She and Kim Cowley have been friends for a very long time and I love the banter that goes on between the two. So even if April didn't mean for you to eaves drop on her comments to me about the Tinman that she created ....... I have to let you in on what April made first for the celebration and how it is now going to live with Kim.... so we will begin by being the proverbial fly on the wall. Enjoy what April does best. Oma Linda

Hi Gnoma:
 I have done two things for Shadow of Oz...the first is a Tin Woodman but he is not a Giveaway. He WAS going to be but a certain little British woman called “DIBS!” when I showed her his photo. So, I did a second item for my Giveaway. But I would like to show the Tin man.

Here is the background on the Tin Man, who was a normal man by the name of “Nick Chopper”.

And here he is, with his love, Nimmie Amee

Even though the Wizard gave the Tin Woodman a heart, he was too late to claim his lost love. For me, The Shadow of Oz was his lost hope of ever being loved again...who would love a Tin man and HOW could he love, completely, as when he was a flesh and blood man. I believe his heart exploded...

My second Oz item is one of my favorite wicked characters, Princess Langwidere. (Re-named “Mombi” in the movie, “Return to Oz”..played by actress, Jean Marsh.)  The Princess has 30 heads and can wear a different head every day, if she pleases. To me, she is a Shadow of Oz. I decorated a box in her honor and will fill it with home-made Cinnamon Chocolate Fudge for the Winner of my Give Away. I am NOT Responsible for any Lost heads upon eating the fudge! Shadows are dark, as is my fudge, made with dark bittersweet chocolate.   Here are the photos of the box, as well as the fudge (Which will be made fresh after the Oz Celebration!)

The small glass bottle is the “Powder of Life”, which was stolen from Princess Langwidere by Dorothy Gale

this is the Favorite Head of the Princess!  The most beautiful and Powerful head of all!

for those of you who do not know.....this is Oma Linda's head
The inside of the box.

This is the type of fudge which will be made especially for the Winner of my Princess Langwidere box!

To win this box, please leave your name saying that you would like to Win!  Drawing will be Thursday, April 16th. 
THANKS, GNOMA!!!!  I HAVE LOVED THIS!!!  I told Kim that I always ADORE your Oz party because it pushes me to make something I would not ordinarily create..it is SO GOOD for me and I ALWAYS LOVE IT!!!!!  LOVE YOU, Gnoma!!! XOXOOXOXOOXXOOXOXO, April.


  1. Oh my goodness! I reeeeally need to read the original collection of stories, they sound outrageously creepy! Your Tin Woodman is amazing, and the fudge......YUM! :D XXX

  2. That box is so adorable! I really want to revisit the Oz books. I only read the first one ages ago, but thank you for the reminder that there is so much more to enjoy.

  3. I love the TIN MAN :) :) and the box is wonderfully and magically brilliant, with fudge too!!! I would love to have 30 heads....I would save a fortune at the hairdressers.....ermmm hold on I would have to take 30 heads to the hairdressers!!

  4. My comment was eaten by one of the 30 heads!!!!

  5. Laughing so hard it is difficult to type.
    That is a special head indeed.
    And I am playing with the sprinkling pointer, too.
    I can see why DIBS was called on the tinman.
    I would adore winning the box and I am a bit of a chocoholic. I don't often get it with cinnamon.
    You know I will think of this post next time I get out to any place that has boxes to alter.

  6. Wish I'd said "gimme" first on that tin man.

  7. I should love to win some fudge! And I'm pleased to report that Gnomes of Oz will be rearing their little pointy heads later this year. Be sure to stop by Magician of Oz and read my contribution to Shadow of Oz.

  8. I get so creatively jealous when I see what you, April, and Oma and other crafting goddess can create. The Tin Man is glorious. And yes, I agree that the way things turned out after he finally got his heart were a quite dark moment in the series...

    The box is exquisite. And the fudge? Yum! But I can't eat chocolate, so I'll just stare at my screen for a while and try not to lick it *sigh*.

  9. Is that really Oma's head, man she looks cute & with attitude too! Love tinman story :( no wonder his heart exploded the poor silvery dude & his enchanted axe! And to top off the terrific post... DARK Choc Fudge presented in a box fit for any Princess!!! YUM, lots of goodies to read, see & EAT here :)

  10. Both of these creations are brilliant!! I love them! So much love went into both creations!! Fantastic post for the party ;o) Please enter me into the giveaway ;o) Hugs ;o)

  11. Oh...my GODDESS! That Tin Man is too wonderful! And the fact that The Oz stories are a vague memory lets me know I need to re-read those stories, but I ALWAYS loved Princess Langwidere, as I have a soft spot for "Evil" Queens and Princesses. I would LOVE to win this box! since my hubby adores chocolate, and attacks it with the same reckless abandon that Winnie the Pooh face dives into a jar of honey, I will share the fudge with him, and keep the box. <3


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