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Friday, February 13, 2015

Vampire Soiree 2015........where's your vania?

Aurealia Baggs here. I suppose the only way to start this contribution to The Vampire Day Soiree 2015 is to come clean about my failure to give you the inside information regarding Vampires that I promised.

It is with great shame that I tell you this. I asked my friend Apriliano to help me out with this task as I am really so busy with the design of my new home. I've been dashing off on shopping trips for the materials for weeks. I thought that I could give my contact information in Transylvania to Apry and he would take care of it for me. But it seems that he didn't want to disappoint me but didn't have the time to personally take care of the job himself. He asked his sister's son, Bruce, to take on the assignment. If I had known Apry was going to farm out my errand to someone else I would have asked an adult gnome to do so not a mere child of 96.

Be that as it may poor Bruce got the message completely backassward and lost the paper on which the instructions for travel and contact were written. Rather than going back and asking  for the information from his uncle he decided he could wing it and work from memory.

When I got back from my shopping trip, where I found the most amazing building materials, I was shocked to find such a collection of strange items left on my doorstep.

Chocolates, hex signs, a meat sandwich of unknown origin. When I finally contacted Apry, he told me of his assigning the job to Bruce, we went to see Bruce and asked him what this collection was and where was my insiders information from my acquaintance in Transylvania. Bruce had the most quizzical look upon his face. His exact words were, "That's definitely not the 'vania' that I visited. I went to the Pennsylvania not the Transylvania". I was horror struck. What was I to do for you my readers? How was I to explain to my contact in Transylvania that a mere child gnome had gone awry?

But then I got so tickled I could do anything but giggle, which turned into rolling with laughter. Apry and Bruce were both looking at me like I had lost my mind. I had to sit down because I was laughing so hard and with such gusto that I actually got weak in the knees.

Now the Hershey's kisses made sense, as did the Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign and the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. Poor Bruce, what a misguided, literally, young gnome he is. I couldn't be mad at him, after all he had made an effort but I will in the future just do things myself rather than putting the burden on someone else.

So my dears. Instead of inside scoop on the Transylvania Vampires for this soiree, I have the lovely hearts and goodies that Apriliano and Bruce delivered to me. What a fiasco.

All that is left is the hex sign and some of the kisses from Bruce, we split the sandwich.  Apry bought me this beautiful blood red necklace. I think it is such a lovely gift for Vampire Soiree 2015. Truthfully I think he thought he had a debt to pay for his error. I'll take jewelry no matter what the reason.

Hope you have dark, delicious and dangerous read or viewing at the other participants. I also hope you'll come back and visit Gnoma Linda and I as we finish our design on my new home and take you with us as we build it.

Happy Vampire Soiree 2015. And thank you to Holly's Horrorland for again hosting this fun event.


  1. You ate the sandwich! What am I supposed to eat? It looks so yummy. I thought you'd share the kisses for dessert.

    What a yummy entry. It left me totally starving. I think I'll go and bite someone...

  2. Pennsylvania is a land of mysteries, LOL. My husband would bring me cheesesteaks when we were first courting.

  3. That heart necklace is to die for. Pennsylvania is probably as strange as Transylvania. Poor guy couldn't help but be confused! ;)

  4. Looks like you lucked out! LOVE this post! Not only did it give me a good laugh, but it also reminded me of another vania! The Sylvanian Families, which was a cartoon and toy line I loved as kid.
    Thanks so much for attending the Soiree! Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

  5. Gorgeous rubies win over a failed chore. Now I crave cheesy steak! xoDebi

  6. Such a beautiful pendant, and your delicious looking sandwich is making me feel hungry!

  7. What a delicious tale, at least you ended up with some goodies to eat and a lovely necklace. I've got family in Pennsylvania, though they are in the process of moving to Texas, the idea they could really be refugees from Transylvania who have got lost is very amusing. Poor Bruce I'm sure it's an easy mistake to make.

  8. Ooooh, a new home - that sounds exciting! :)

  9. Ooooh... that necklace is gorgeous! As I've never been to the US, Pennsylvania is as exotic and mysterious to me as Transylvania, Gnoma Linda! ;D

    Happy Vampire's Day! ❤

  10. What a tale!!! LOVE that necklace.

  11. Did you eat the sandwich? If not, I will ;o) LOL! Great story! I love the pendant, necklace ;o) Hugs ;o)

  12. Well at least you got some Valentines gifts lol. That necklace would look perfect on any Undead neck :D XXX

  13. The Pennsylvania hex sign is interesting, I would like to hear more about that!

    I love the necklace!


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