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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black Moon talk...............

nope we won't be talking dirty. But rather, let's talk about power boosted by this celestial happening.

A second full moon in a singular month is called a Blue Moon. A second dark of the moon in a singular month is called The Black Moon.

Just as a Dark of the Moon is an opportune time to close a chapter or difficulty in life and look towards a new solution or answer so The Black Moon is also embued.

How many lunatics, which I am a full and vested member of said group, have posted about the second dark moon in a month. Many that I have seen. But few have talked about the fact that there will not be another Black Moon until 2018.

So let's us take advantage of the Black Moon, set out some spring water, ocean water, pure water, let it be charged by the very darkest super moon for the next 4 years. This water can be used in works, spells, tinctures, potions and just for energy. Moon water is the best for dressing, renewing, protecting, consecrating and illuminating. Black water is much like when you take a number to a humongous power like a million times more special and charged.

So set out your vessels, charge your crystals, gather some Moon power and dance to the new moon coming. New beginnings, new starts, more power, more protection..........whatever it is your heart desires. In light of the other celestial occurrences, I'm taking all the water I can store for the duration.

Water, water everywhere and this is what I'll do.
Save some back to bathe my hearth with magic that is true.

I'll use it wise and wonderful to keep my house protected.
If there be ill wishes brewing, they'll surely be rejected.

Blessings on the Black Moon tide and blessings on your heart
Take a look at the night time sky to see your future start.

Be Wise, Wonderful and Wild................so spake Oma Linda

As you can see on my sidebar, I am going to be in a blogging event on February 14. The Vampire Soiree. Just click on the button if you are interested in having some Valentine/Halloween fun. Ms. G and I are already deeply involved in creating something dark and delicious just for you.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy you posted this today. I hope to use this night for helping me let go of illness and fear and beginning anew. I think it will be a good night for dream work too. Blessings to you on this Black Moon and always, Bird

  2. I just learnt HEAPS, never heard of the Black Moon or it's power (yes I've been living under a log LOL) and look at this Valentine's Celebration! Going to join the fun methinks, looks like a Feb blogging frenzy for me :)

  3. I'll be in Thailand on Feb. 14th and will unfortunately miss out on all the fun. Drat!

  4. I will be seeing you on the 14th ;o)
    Bring on the new beginnings ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  5. I grabbed the dark of the this Black Moon and wrapped it around me like a cloak. Before adjusting it, I whipped a few things away with it. They shall stay gone!

  6. I guess I'm too late. I did learn a lot though.


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