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Friday, August 23, 2013

Until further notice.........

well it finally has happened.

I've decided to only write in one of my 6 blogs for the time being.

I tend to put way too many balls in the air and then yes.....the result is the inability to keep any in the air. So for all of you who may not know the blog I'll be using it is.....Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts.

Hope you'll come by and visit the Cuckoos there. Oma Linda


  1. I think you deserve a break on here with everything going on! Catch you on the other side :o)

  2. Well, we just met, but I shall go over to your other place to visit . WOW, I don't know how you would have the time to write all those blogs. I barely have time to do my own and keep up with evryone else, for I just cannot seem to wrap my day around my computer yet. I have to get out in the sunshine and play. So, Oma Linda, you will see me at your other hangout. Take care YeOldeCrone :)

  3. I had no idea you managed so many blogs. Just signed up to follow you at the other one.

  4. I always have too many balls. I also didn't know you kept so many blogs. Shit girl, I can't even keep track of how many kids are in my house. Oy.

  5. Ok Oma Linda ;o) I think it will be so much easier on you! ;o)

  6. Okie Dokie, Oma Linda! Will do!


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