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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Here comes the weekend update...........

I feel like I'm on Saturday night live with that intro.

I was thrilled to read Ms. April from The Angry Gnomes article on our column called Better Gnomials and Environments. April has such a wonderful imagination and I just love all her "toys" and goodies. Keep in mind that all the those environs are constructed and decorations gathered by the dotty (red and white polka dots rule), rotty (Rottweiler that is) lovin' April to make the stories that much more interesting.... I am looking forward to next week.

Ms. Baggs will begin her, "Clean up your mess" series on Monday. You may want to check back in because to hear her talk about it, the new old way of cleaning is sweeping the country.

As to the Cuckoos. We are doing as best as we can in the grieving department. I am in awe of and so proud of my family and how good we really can be to each other. It makes me very happy to see us pull together. When we got the call from the vet, Sweet Man came home and comforted GK and Ry like no one else could. In years to come, the grands most certainly will remember this. They have a memorial planned next week for our Ms. Cybella.

And some good news.....for a change of mood. Ry (FINALLY) is going to the Autism specialty school. Mr. Sisneros the head of special ed at the new school called and said that Ry is in. This is the same location where he went to summer program for the past two years so not only is he familiar with the buildings but also some his "buds" from this year are there as well. So it is settled and he begins school Tuesday. He is a happy little bird, no more having to make eye contact in order to be correct, no more holding him back because he processes differently. And as he says no more of the kids who made him eat dirt on the playground. And yes, my lovelies, we did complain and complain and call attention to and yet...no help or intervention. We never wanted special handling, only what was right.

Odd thing...his old school, who were supposed to do all of this transfer of information etc still has not even gotten in touch with Mr. Sisneros. If it were not for the tenacity and pure unadulterated drive that Shelley has, none of this would have happened. I know I brag on my own way too much but Shelley is quite a pain in the ass and I am so proud of that. Nut....not far from tree. She didn't take no for an answer, she didn't just let it slide by and leave it to someone else to take care of, she stood her ground, asked for what RyLeigh deserves and made it happen. Halledamlujah, amen. RyLeigh is a very fortunate little boy to have a Momma who is willing to do anything, and I do mean anything to make sure he gets what's rightfully his. It took her awhile because of the stupidity and lack of motivation to do the right thing by APS but she did her end run and finished the race sans any assistance from the powers that be.

The monsoon rages on and the swamp cooler doesn't work in humidity so there ya go. If it were not for fans we would be more drippy than we are. But it's good that the rain is here. After 3-5 years (depending on whose telling you) of drought, the whole countryside is awakening. Going past the Rio Grande river every day for a week, the level increased daily and it's the first time in years that on some days there were no sand bars in the middle of the river. It was just lovely life renewing water.

Hope your weekend is sparkling and that you get a moment to look up into the sky and see the beginning of the meteor showers of August.

Oma Linda


  1. I love meteor showers but it's so cloudy here in Portland that I don't have many opportunities to enjoy the show.

  2. Yay for Ry, hope he loves his new school! Yay for the rest of you too :o)

  3. Oma Linda, I am so happy for Ry ;o) Good for Shelley!!! I am proud of her ;o) Happy August my friend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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