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Thursday, August 1, 2013

“Hello readers of ‘Ye Olde Crone’s Gazette’...Isn’t this exciting! My name is Happy, this here’s Doc, and we’ve gathered all the other Dwarfs to start our first Report for Ms. Esmeralda Baggs, CEO!”
“For Crying Out Loud, Sleepy..WAKE UP!” yells Doc, “This is going to be a Photo OP!!!”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Children, and Gnomes...I am actually standing inside the home of The Angry Gnome, himself. I arranged this Interview 6 months ago. And believe me, this will be a first. No one, No how, has ever been able to secure an Interview with The Angry Gnome...I am so thrilled.....Gee,  where to begin????”

“Well, as you can see, he is a Gnome of few words..but he does get his point across. I’ll have my Secretary call and schedule another Personal Interview...

This is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, we’re sure! Please be sure to come back and read all the news...each Dwarf will take a turn, weekly, to bring you the latest. And you won’t want to miss Miss Helen Heels and her trend-setting fashions. Maybe we’ll even end up with spiffy Make-Overs! Ya’ll come back!” 

Don't miss next Fridays column from the newest reporters of Ye Olde Crone's Gazette......Dwarf's of Note


  1. Nice fireplace, Angry Gnome :) (I got my cupcake I got my cupcake :)

  2. Dwarfs of note? Won't want to miss that! Take care.

  3. Hmm, maybe Grumpy should interview him next :oD

  4. Happy, maybe you are too happy? LOL! Maybe Sleepy would make Mr. Angry Gnome, more peaceful ;o) LOL! Can't wait till next time ;o) Love Angry Gnome's house ;o)


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