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Friday, June 7, 2013

The new Moon in June.............

is June 8th which is tomorrow.

I always treasure the new moon. The quiet dark lovely essence of planting a seed of a wish, spell, promise, hope, adventure, reclamation always beckons me with a such power. Besides this time of year, the night air is so thick with aromas of newness and growth. The honeysuckle, dianthus and hollyhocks all call me.

One of my favorites is to take an egg, wash it in moon water from a previous full moon, write my ______ (whatever it may be that needs to grow) on the shell, let the egg sit on my altar until the new moon the next day and then plant the egg deep in the ground so that whatever the _______ is can come to fruition in the building of the strength of moonshine. Now, the intention for this is for growth.

If it is in fact the opposite, that you wish to banish, rid or bind something, then you would wash the egg, complete the inscription of intention which also might include binding the egg with string or bind weed and burying at the full moon. You also might not want to bury this egg on your own property but rather away from you and yours.

I had a heck of time doing this work when I had big dogs because they would smell the egg doing what raw eggs do and would dig them up. Now that I only have a tiny dog, I don't have quite as much of an issue.

We have much to plant at the new moon. There are so many exciting and promising things to help along in the Cuckoos lives this moon. I hope that whatever your wish or desire is that it will build to fruition at the full moon which by the way is to be a super moon this month.

New Moon Blessings, Oma Linda


  1. I love the new moon because the nights are dark. Living in the city all my life and having it become more and more lit up I missed the dark. Out here it gets darker but I do have a few neighbors that like to keep their sodium lights on all night. hmmm, let me think if there is anything, idea or desire I want to grow. I've got eggs.

  2. We sometimes drive out into the countryside so that we can really get the full effect of what the sky should look like. It takes longer and longer each year to get to the country though.

  3. Beautiful post Oma Linda! Thanks for sharing about the egg ;o) You got me laughing about your big dogs! LOL! New Moon Blessings ;o) Hugs ;o)


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