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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yula.....the wheel of the year

The wheel keeps turning whether we observe it or not.
That seems like an idiotic statement at first glance. It also seems almost anti-belief system if you are a witch of any degree, status or claim. I have been known to not observe a sabbath on the correct date....and sometimes with no outward change to my altar. I am not a slave to have to's, but you already knew that about my rule breaking self.

For years I went to church and really hoped that the story of the life, death and renewal of life would be somehow different either from delievered from the pulpit or from my own belief of the story. And it came to pass that in fact it did become different....and I was able to find the true meaning for myself. It allowed me to move away from the organized religion of my parents and onto the disorganization of my belief in nature, goodness, being responsible and being aware. Of course being a child of the 60's helped as well.
As a pagan, I have said that I would not put my belief system on my child or her children. And I still mean that, but it has gotten muddied in practice because it is who I am, it is what I do, it is how I celebrate the turning of the wheel. They live in my home, so that means, I either lock myself away to celebrate or I observe the sabbats, esbats and full moons in the open in full view of my beloveds. I chose the later. And because I am an educator by training and by nature, I also share my knowledge. That is how my grands relate to my being pagan.
I also have really strived to teach them about other religions that surround us and those that are dead and gone. Comparative religion is essential to being intelligent, fair and loving in a diverse world. It would be cruel of me to let my grands grow up not knowing why their friends have ashes on their foreheads at Lent, why their friends celebrate with a dreidel and have eight night celebrations, why Ramadan is so very important to a friend from Iran. And the wheel keeps turning.

We, together have learned so many wonderful facts, things I didn't know and I love that. I pray we continue to grow in knowledge and spirit. GK is great about bringing information home and sharing it at the dinner table from her social studies class and world geography class. BTW she is going to be in the city Geography Bee. We're so excited for her. Ry is so very interested in ritual of all kinds. He is right now fascinated by the Jewish wedding canopy and has constructed several of his own design. Goodness knows what it will be next, but I'm excited to find out what tickles his fancy.

Diversity. Can you tell we work to get there?

I have a strong sense that the apocalypse that the Mayans gave us with their end of age calendar was just that. The end of an age, a new beginning, a new view. We had the very best discussion of that subject at the Yule dinner table, and again at the yule log burning. Yes, we will observe Imbolc next but it won't be the same Imbolc is was last year. We choose to find new ways to connect with the world around us and the universe. I am very hopeful that while the wheel continues to turn, the places we arrive in thought, word and deed will be different and better for us and our world. A more positive spin if you will. The Gods willing, we will all be in a much better place with each new turn of the wheel.
Be well, be safe, be wise, be loved and be a human doing not a human being in the new time we have been given. From the Cuckoos at the Casa to you and yours, Blessings of this new beginning.


  1. From one child of the 60's to another - blessings and hope for the new age!!

  2. Yes! What a wonderful post. Your grands are so lucky to be growing up in your house.

  3. And very wise cuckoos you are too, happy new beginnings!

  4. It's a time for reflection and strong feelings of love and support no matter what religion one belongs to. Here's wishing you the best of everything at this special time of year.

  5. It's so important to allow.. encourage our kids to learn about all that is out there. It sounds like you're doing a fine job of that. A lovely post, Linda.

  6. I to believe this is a new beginning! My mom keeps asking me, why I am so excited for 2013? I don't know why, it's just a feeling I have. Oma Linda, I think it's very special in your house, how everything is open and discussed! That's the way it should be!


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