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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday....you old coot

To my Sweet Man: the most understanding, caring, loving husband, father and Papa in the world and also to the most exasperpating, grumpy, opinionated darling ever to grace this orb......we love you so, signed "The Cuckoos".

I guess you figured out it's Sweet Man's BD. Yep, a youngster in the scheme of things, and oldster on the clock. Bless him, we are like carrots and peas, as well as oil and water. We're lucky that way. He is the oldest of 8 children and I the youngest of 3. Actually he is still trying to raise me, cuz he keeps endeavoring to spoil me worse and help me behave (a thankless task, I might add). Yesterday we attempted to return the favor.

The kids and I spent their fall break day off from school with SM on his day off. Treated him to lunch out and games in. The wind was blowing like crazy. Our Halloween decos in the front porch came crashing down and caused quite a ruckus. Nice day to play Catopoly....like Monopoly only with litter boxes and fish bones etc. We played the cat influenced game because Joe made a confession the other day that he is finding the older he gets the more he realizes that he likes cats better than dogs. (Don't worry, he didn't say it in front of Odin and Ellie, they didn't get their little doggy feelings hurt).

Now let me explain that I am saying all the above tongue in cheek. We went to the restaurant that the kids picked (buffets don't really do it for us anymore) and Joe hates games......but he loves his grands. Funny thing is, we had a great time. He and Ry won the 2 1/2 hour monotony game which turned out to be a riot with Ry's "deals" and GK's swindling ways. Joe was his usual wheeler dealer self, bad joke artist and the kids tried to emulate. I have never laughed so hard. Crazy people, I'm surrounded by crazy people.

His real birth date is today. So while he had to go back to work, the grands are going to bake for him today. We'll have his favorite, breakfast for dinner meal and he'll get to watch one of his favorite shows "Castle", because that's what the kids got for him. The first three seasons. Well at least it will be a change from NCIS and Joe will love it. I got him some of his favorite snacks; artisan wafer rolled hazelnut/chocolate cookies, circus peanut candies and sardines in oil. No he doesn't eat them all at one time. Well maybe in the same day but not at the same sitting. At our age, what is there to buy for someone except the very things they love? Next week on his days off, we will trek someplace just the two of us and celebrate his day again.

As I sat down to say Happy Birthday to my very sweet Joe, I am reminded why it is that it's easy to love him....he is so very Joe. Genuine, whether grumpy, in charge, wheeler dealer or steadfast defender of his family he is just Joe, through and through. He has been who he is for over 6 decades....no changing him now, not that I would want to......er, yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Happy Birthday my love, my bestest friend.


  1. Give the ol' guy a big hug from me!! Vern and I saw first hand how much you love this guy. During our visit a few months back at that wonderful cafe you recommended we meet, you were talking about him and tears came to your eyes. That made quite an impression on my sweet man....said later on to me, Joe was one lucky guy to have someone love him that much...he then told me he was lucky too...better have!!! LOL

    Have a great week, my friend, and again, Happy Birthday to you, Joe, but circus peanut candies??? Bleh!!! LOL Reminds me of the little old lady that lived up the street from us as children. Every Halloween, she gave us those and lose oatmeal cookies that were probably left over from the year before!! Great memories!! And as for cats, I love them too. My sis brought her little "Posha" tabby with her and Miz Posha is now a member of the Diaz clan...get my "kitty fix" when I visit my mom.

    Loves ya all,

  2. Happy birthday Joe. You sound like the sort of hubby any woman would love to have, even on the grumpy days. I've had a few hubbies of my own and would still be a married woman if I'd found a good one like you. BTW I'm a big fan of Castle and NCIS.

    Hang on to him Linda, he sounds like a winner.

    I have to ask, where did you get your game of Catopoly? I'd buy it for Maggie if it's still in the stores. I'm sure she'd get a kick out of it. Have a great weekend. S&S

  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Joe,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Give em a hug for me.


  4. I love a man who was once a dog man turning into a cat man ;) What a fun birthday celebration you've had for Sweet man who I know gives everyone a lot of love back. Wishing Joe the sweetest of sweets and a birthday year full of kitty snuggles and doggy kisses.

  5. Happy Birthday Joe. Sounds like the family is treating you pretty well on your special day. Take care, and save me a piece of cake with a lot of frosting.

  6. A very happy birthday to your sweet man Joe! Here's to many more glorious and happy ones together.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  7. Happy Happy Happpy Birthday...

  8. Happy Birthday, Joe! What a lot of love there is in your household, crazy though it is...

  9. Sending huge belated birthday wishes to your Sweet Man/exasperpating, grumpy, opinionated darling! Men...aren't they lucky we have such an inborn sense of humor where they are concerned? Have a beautiful week, sweetie.

  10. Happy Belated birthday to your sweet man! This post made me smile ear to ear! Sounds like everyone had a great time celebrating! I am still thinking about eating chocolate cookies and sardines in oil together! LOL! My mom loves sardines in oil too! Yucky for me! !!! Big Hugs and many blessings for the entire family ;o)


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