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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A mixed bag of tricks for you......

First I forgot this picture from our post for Joe's birthday. The birthday boy and his adoring cat on the Cat opoly board.

Then the lovely and generous Linda from RV Vagabonds sent me a beautifully beaded batty bracelet that she made for me. I am adding this to this years accessories for my Madame Zoleena's fortune tellers costume for Halloween. My only payment for this bracelet is that I have the grands take a picture of me as the mystic herself. Thank you Ms. Linda. Will do.
And then on to tell you about Sunday's fun with the family. When hot air balloons fly in the sky of Albuquerque there is another event that one just cannot miss. That is the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. It's always held in huge white tent and hundreds of artisans and craft persons come with all manner of wonderfulness from all over the country. This year was no exception. So much to see and to sample and enjoy as well.

I haven't been to one of these humongous craft shows in many years. I used to sell, then attended, then it became too much to endure with the crowds, the heat and my bad old legs. But I promised Shel and the kids that after they had gotten up at the butt crack of dawn and watched the final mass ascension that I would go with them to the Rio Grande......for the adventure. It was a lot of fun seeing old friends doing new things, meeting new crafts people with vivid and wonderful items to sell. The grands, Shel and I got matching rings from a jewelery maker I've known for over 20 years, clay donkeys for our herd corner and wonderful recycle useful art from a new friend.

But the best part of the day was when we stopped to have a bite to eat at the food court (Indian fry bread tacos) and the kids joined in the entertainment by dancing their feet off to the Watermelon Jug Band music and then played recycled junk as percussion instruments with the Recycle Man. RyLeigh was jumping all over the place and attracted the attention of the Recycle Man before RM even started his set. GK trying to get her brother to 2 step to a Hank Williams Sr. song, "Hey, hey good looking" was a crowd pleaser, especially when she "dipped" her bro. The Cuckoos showed their ham bones again. And so another "good time" was had by all.

Tonight will be a very welcome time to join with many as we begin a new moon cycle and welcome in the Samhain time. I have Halloweened myself to pieces in the last two weeks and now it is time to center and glean the messages and focus energies to the remembering of the ancients and closing out the year with acknowledgment of lessons learned and prospects of new opportunities to learn in the new year. I will be directing myself towards another new year. Oma Linda


  1. You sure are young at heart and manage to keep busy.

  2. It sounds like you had more fun in this one outing than I have had in years. I love the matching rings. Yours will look perfect for when you are Madame Zoleena. I can't wait to see the pictures for that. Speaking of pictures, why didn't you get some of the grands doing the two step or playing with the Recycle Man? However, the photo of the birthday boy playing Cat-opoly makes up for any photos that didn't get taken. Have a wonderful week dear Sista. S&S

  3. A very happy and belated ♫Birthday♪ wish to Joe! Love the Catmonopoly board, didn't even know they had those!?!
    Sounds like you've had some wonderful adventures lately and I simply adore those rings!

  4. The picture of your sweetman with his purrr fur baby on the catopoly board is priceless!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all at the craft shoe, what fun!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. I love this entire post. The images are wonderful, (I didn't even know there was a cat-opoly board.)

    That beaded bracelet is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see pictures of the Mystic Sage Linda.

    Your day of crafts, dining and dancing sounds like an enchanting dream for all. Blessed Samhain season, my dear friend. Mina

  6. Hi Oma Linda ;o) I love the picture of your hubby and the bracelet is beautiful! Can't wait to see it on you ;o) I love the rings! If I was there, I would have bought one for myself ;o) Sounds like everyone had a great time at the craft show! Big Hugs ;o)


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