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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catching you up on Ry's wisdom.....

My favorite inside, outside, upside down thinker and philosopher was in rare form this week. It has been an interesting week for him at school. Very good days and very "not so good" ones as well. The more social he becomes, the more opportunities for those new found skills to be tested. And unfortunately, the neuro typical kids that he tries his skills on are used to neuro typical responses and our Aspergian wonder is probably a conundrum for those kids in oh so many ways.

After three years of looking for expressions on his face and seeing a completely blank slate when there should be a clue has become second nature for me. But it is his behaviors that give me the clues I need. If he comes in from school and doesn't talk about the day but goes back to his room only to show up shortly with some cleverly constructed "whats it" from his legos and a story of how it works, which could go on forever, I know he has had some form of rejection. On the other hand, if he chats me up first thing and the disappears, it like the all clear siren going off. But who would know that? Unless you have been schooled by a super smart, tender hearted and all boy 8 year old Aspergian.

Today we took our lazy day route to happiness. I worked at my desk, GK watched TV and Ry wandered between his room to build and the TV to stare blankly at Sponge Bob and the Ninja Turtles. At 10:00, we each got dressed and began the chores of Saturday. Ry's chores were very short today and so he came to chat with me while I did mine. He came in to tell me that Papa was his hero. I turned to see his face while he explained to me why he felt that way. He said because Papa was a war hero. I was confused. My Joe was a Marine but he never saw action in any war....well except for the war of the typewriters and supply.

Ry said it must have been really hard to fight in The Civil War (and he was perfectly serious, none of the goofball glint in his eye). crickets.....I really didn't want to laugh but I did explain that in order for Joe to have fought in the Civil War he would have to be over 160 years old. Ry said very nonchalantly.....oh I guess I was just wrong. And that was that. I still don't know what possessed him to bring that bit to the table. But Joe sure enjoyed the sentiment and we did have a chuckle about how good he looks for someone that old.

After we finished our chores, the grands picked the Cat opoly game to play until Shelley got home from work. As we were playing, Ry sent me to the equivalent of jail in monopoly and just laughed and was very snotty about my plight. I told him that payback is a biotch and that his time was coming.......and then he sent his sister to jail and again we warned him about being a stinker. As we tallied the "riches" we had amassed during our game, he was very sad because he didn't have a lot of money or property and GK pointed out to him that Karma comes to bite you in the butt......he turns to me and said, "Oma, I know about payback being a biotch but you didn't even warn me about that Karma woman".

Oh lovelies, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He is so dear and such a stinker. So his sister consoled him because after all they are each others best friends and mortal enemies.....
I excused myself and went outside to allow myself the giggle.

So just so you can't say I didn't warn you......look out for the Karma woman cuz I hear she is a bad one.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Ry's wisdom has a logic all it's own. Very interesting.

  2. Oma, what a hoot, I can see you in crinoline & hubby looking like Rhett Butler in confederate uniform LOL, the most wonderful thing is no insult was intended by the comment & Ry's inspiration for that chat will remain one of life's mysteries :) Karma, yep, sharp teeth LOL, not sure if he will change his game playing tactics with you & sis next time though, he'll probably just wear 2 pair of pants ;)

  3. Loved this tale of a moment in time from the lives of my favorite cuckoo household. Someone once said, kids say the funniest things and ain't that the truth? BTW thanks for the warning concerning that Karma woman. I'm all smiles now. S&S

  4. Oh I always watch out for that Karma woman, I've heard she's the biotch to end all biotches...

  5. Your hubby does look very good for his age ;o) LOL! Ry, is so adorable! Yes Karma woman is a real biotch! LOL!

  6. Oh my goodness! I am still sitting here chuckling! Ry is such a uniquely gifted little man.

    I can not imagine growing up in this crazy world all over again today, and especially with Asperger's. Life can be hard enough to understand without it. I think he is a remarkable and free spirited thinker who enriches every life he touches, even those through the internet signals.

    And that Karma woman? (lol) I'll bet she is very, very good to beautiful souls like yourself.


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