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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They are just like the Jefferson's....movin' on up.....

I bought 2" feeder goldfish, seven years ago to inhabit my bucket pond in the front porch. There were four of them. 1 of them jumped out of the pond and I didn't find it until it was baked fish. The next spring another one jumped the side of the pond but I found him and put him back. His name was Abraham and stayed in the tank for another year but then he finally escaped to die on the concrete.

I now know that goldfish play a great game of chase and I'm sure the dead fish just zigged when they should have zagged.

The other two, who are named Shamu and Moby, were still alive and I moved into the house into a 15 gallon tank. At the time it was perfect for Shamu, Moby and their trained Plecostomus, Neal. But now three years later.....uh Shamu is 11" long and so is Moby with his fluttering tail. Neal is an underachiever at 9" and they needed a new dwelling. There game of tag was one good swish of their tail and then you'd hear this loud thunk and they would kinda look wonky eyed. I felt like a bad mommy that had let her kid wear shoes that were too small. Poor fish.

So Shelley went onto Craigslist to find them the equivalent of the Jefferson's penthouse in the sky. The song for those who never watched the Jefferson's on TV goes...oh we're moving on up, to the big time, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. And she did. She went to pick it up and had a blast because the people had miniature chickens, fainting goats and koi and all manner of "wildlife". The tank is huge and in perfect condition.

So today I moved my big fishies to their new tank. I have to admit that the adrenalin in my system worked overtime as I transported the big fishies from the little tank to the big tank. So, afraid that they were going to leap out of my grasp and crash and burn....but it's all good. And if the fish move by itself wasn't fun all by it's lonesome....the new cat Cybella came in to be my sidewalk superintendent. She just recently discovered that we had Fish TV in the living room anyway. So she was very interested...nom nom nom.

The fish don't realize that they can swim up in this tank. Poor things still think they only have a small area. Neal on the other hand is looking for the best place to hide away in such a large tank. I moved all their big rocks and most of their gravel but it will take awhile for them to acclimate.

These pictures really don't show that the new tank is over twice as long and twice as high as their old one. And if they grow any more, well let's just say that I hope there is room for them at the zoo. I have no idea why I get goldfish and they grow so big. Well I do but I don't want the family to say one more time.......are you feeding them again? Uh, no, I was just looking in the tank, checking out Fish TV.


  1. goldfish are the turtles companions. they were originally supposed to be food, a dollar's worth of feeder fish, you know, a little exercise, and little live tasty treat. only she either doesn't like the taste of goldfish or she just couldn't catch the little feckers cause now they are all big. and pushy. they'll swim right in front of her when I'm feeding her cause they are greedy little things. I noticed one of them has exposed gills, probably from being too close to the turtles mouth when she snapped down on some piece of fruit I was feeding her.

  2. Oh the poor cat will now go insane. Where did it go, right now left! That is not fish tv that is fish torture! lol. I want to bring a canary bird into a household of two cats! Do you think it might be a problem? I did n't know goldfish can grow that big,you must be a very good fish mommy!

  3. Happy fish grow big and strong :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Hee hee, the wonky eyed fish gave me a good giggle! Glad they're enjoying their new home now though (how many tubs of fish food are you going through a week though? ;o) )

  5. My goldfish never grew very big. You must be doing something right.

  6. I never knew gold fish could get this big! Oma Linda, you must be feeding them well ;o) LOL! I am happy they have a brand new home ;o)

  7. Oma Linda, I just made a comment about your fish, hope you got it. ;o)


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