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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hopi Prophecy

I saw this on facebook earlier today. It was presented by the Wild Burro Protection League.

When I began to watch, it is about 10 minutes long, I felt my soul being touched by the words and the wisdom. And I cried at the message that we are following a path of destruction for our family....for we are the same as the birds, fish, animals and trees.

Take ten minutes to hear what Floyd Redcrow Westerman tells us about all of life being a family, that we should all be our own leaders and not let corporations rule our lives, and how every day we must do right and not lose our options. It has such power and truth and wisdom.

Blessings, Oma Linda
The Hopi Prophecy


  1. It touches me the same way, Linda. Frank happened to see your post title in my Google Reader and clicked on it for both of us to watch, as he's been doing a fair bit of reading about Hopi medicine. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Such simple, life-affirming wisdom. We make everything so complicated but it doesn't need to be.

  3. Linda, this is so true. We are, everyday, destroying ourselves, our lives, our beings...

  4. Thanks for sharing this very important message. It's so sad that some will disagree with what is said here.

  5. thank you for sharing this. a stirring message to reconnect us all.

    congrats on your POTW.

  6. Strong thoughts we have misplaced or set aside

  7. Thank you for sharing this Oma Linda ;o) This is so true!


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