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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The burial of Bertram.........

The ride back to the farm was not a particularly pleasant one but Loueza had made a vow to herself that Maylard would have the opportunity to say farewell to his father. So with that thought in mind, she convinced his brother in law Francois to bring his body back to the farm to bury. After agreeing to her wishes, they discussed Maylard’s future. Who would help Francois look after and care for Maylard? The fears and concern for the well being of this poor child brought them closer. It became more and more apparent that the two were growing fond of one another. She had but one child and he now had his nephew to think of. She was a little travel weary and he was tired of being alone. When he thought she wouldn’t notice Francois stole an appreciative look at Loueza’s still vibrant and attractive form. And she longed for the touch of his hand.

That night as they made the fire, and laid down to sleep, the longing and loneliness overcame both of these souls and they came together with a wild heat that had long been held at bay. Early in the morning awaking in each other’s arms, the love making was slower and had more passion than lust alone. The rest of the ride back to the farm they could barely keep their thoughts on the solemn duty they needed to perform when they could barely keep their hands off one another. Each was on fire and wanted more. Each also knew they had more than enough time to claim their passion over years that they would be together.

By the time the two returned to Cybella and Maylard, they knew they would be a family in every sense of the word.

It was dark on the second night when the pair returned to find Maylard asleep in Cybella’s arms in front of the fireplace. The boy was carried to his bed and the women slept together on a pallet of quilts in front of the fire. The night was a beginning for all of them.

At dawn Loueza and Francois began the arduous and unenviable task of digging the grave near the apple trees at the back of the orchard. By early evening the four came together and said their good bye to Bertram. Even though it was a sad occasion, Francois and Loueza viewed it as the universe bringing them together and their fire for each other burned deeply.

The next week was the celebration of Beltane and the surrounding farmers and their families were invited to come to help the couple celebrate the union they had entered. Their hand fasting was quickly conceived and happily celebrated by all. Francois’ neighbors knew him as a caring man and were glad that he had found a partner and one who had a look of love for him. And Cybella and Maylard were glad to have company and chore partners closer to their own ages. They also began a new chapter in their lives as step brother and sister, part of a bigger whole. The farm even seemed to hum to the new tune of harmony.

All was as it should be and so was the news of the new arrival to the family. So by the celebration of St. Brigit in early February the family numbered five with the addition of a baby boy, they named him Garrod. He was fair like his mother and had fiery head of red hair like his father. This baby was adored by his siblings. Garrod’s feet didn’t touch the ground but that one of them was right there watching to make sure that nothing happened to him. He was a quiet baby and his laugh, when it did occur, was like pure gold to the family. This baby’s birth was the glue that cemented the family together.

It was near Garrod’s 5th birthday that a young man came calling under the guise of needing a horse. Francois had several good horses and yes on occasion he did sell or barter an animal to someone who required it. This young man was not from the area but was working at the Inn in the nearest village. He had seen the family on their infrequent trips at celebrations and festivals. More especially he had seen Cybella and was taken by her. She also had noticed him but with less enthusiasm. He was a little course compared to the men and boys she had become accustomed to in this territory.

But neither the higher price for the horse nor the lack of enthusiasm put him off. The young man continued to come by the farm even after purchasing the horse, asking for Cybella to accompany him on a ride. Finally, she gave in, thinking that if she was able to let him know that he was not what she was looking for in a marriage partner that he would leave her alone. She was very mistaken. In fact, she put herself in terrible danger by riding off with this man.

It would be the last time she was heard from by her family.

After abducting her and beating and raping her, this evil man sold Cybella to another man who sold her to another man. Her life became a living hell. She would not have been recognized by anyone who knew her before her abduction. She was not the same girl with the generous heart. She learned not to trust or even to depend on anything or anyone. She had come from harmony to discord in one terrible misstep. She would never be who she had been. But, she held on to her knowledge, and her will to live. She did not expect a rescue or help. She did not look for anything except an opening, an opportunity to get away.

This opening happened on a night when her current owner had had too much to drink, was involved with another woman and had forgotten to fasten her leg chains. She waited until the camp was quite and stole into the forest. As she ran and ran, she kept thinking back on her time with Loueza and how they would go into the forest at night and be aware of the tree spirits. At that moment she was overtaken by a vibration that she had not felt for years. It was her own heart quaking. She allowed herself to be afraid for the first time in ages and was sending out a “calling”. The answer came from those tree spirits.

The healing came from the faeries themselves. Poor Cybella couldn’t even walk after her treatment of the past few years and her run of several miles to freedom. They helped her into the faerie circle and she was taken away to the other side of the veil. There, she began to heal in body and spirit. Time moved so slowly. She was being pampered and cared for and made whole again and that certainly took time. Of course, with any journey to the other side there was a price to be paid to the faerie Queen. Without hesitation, Cybella agreed to the terms of the payment, which was the child that she now carried would be given over to the faerie but not until the child had healed a fae in need in the future. And one condition of the payment was that the child was to never, ever know of the payment or the terms. When this child healed the fae, no matter when in the life of the child, instantly this child would become the property of the fae.

How long she was across the veil, Cybella had no idea. But when the fae walked her out from the other side, she was as young and beautiful as she had been back on the farm. She had no hate in her heart but only wanted to help those who needed her. She had her calling back and she was anxious to travel again and to find a place to have her baby. She even had a name picked out for the child to be. Her name would be Genevieve.

So this is how Genevieve, the healer of the three women and the destroyer of Beau came to be.


  1. So sad and tragic what has happened to Cybella...especially after the joy of her Mother and new Father. Thank goodness she has been healed by the Fae. But now...what will happen with Genevieve??? You ALWAYS leave me wanting MORE!!!!!

  2. Oh WOW!!! Happiness, to tragedy, to I don't know what??? What will happen to poor Genevieve? I am happy the Fae healed her, but as you wrote, for a price! More please ;o)

  3. Happiness to tragedy in a wink of an eye. Things like this can happen when one poor choice is made. What a blessing that Cybella was healed by the fae and that she has her calling back. I'm so glad blogger finally allowed your posts to come through. I wouldn't want to have missed this.


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