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Friday, March 23, 2012

No wonder I found them at the thrift store.....

I saw these as the originator meant them.......as carrots. But my family insists that because of the chenille bumps they are orange corn. Go figure.

Sometimes it is perfectly obvious that I am from another time zone from the rest of the world. I am as they say a cracked pot, a couple of tacos short of a combination platter, ditz fodder, march to a different drummer, left reality without a forwarding address, older than dirt, having a sterling moment.....well you get it. If let to my own designs.....I can get rather lost in the moment. Other times, I have the attention span of a gnat on a winters afternoon.............non existent.

When I go thrifting, to the junk store alone...I find all kinds of possible repurposing items. When I go with Shelley I find lots of practical things. When I go with Joe......well, we don't. Being the oldest of eight kids, he has never wanted to partake of the wonders of Le Gudwil, flea markets, or yard sales. He had older cousins who did hand me downs and he always hated wearing someone else's firsts. So I have been on the down low of my "do over" loves for most of our married life. I never get him anything at the second hand store.

Anway back to the subject of the post. I see things differently and accept that most things have another chance at life of some sort. I even do a little game of my own, just speculating what something could be used for instead of what it's original purpose is. This imagining has brought home many a project that has proved to be interesting and fun. Some were even impossible but many have gone on to be not only useful but profitable as well. I've learned how to use lots of tools, techniques and tenacity when working with "the leftovers of life". Expecting the unexpected is the arting of choice here at Casa de Cuckoo.

I haven't listed any of my repurpose items in my Ebay, Etsy or facebook pages. Mostly because they are usually spoken for by my friends, customers, friends of friends before I get them pictured or listed, but the "cuties" are starting to stack up and so I will add them to my OmaLinda's Practically Magickal on Etsy (omalinda@etsy.com) in the next few weeks.


  1. You have such a wonderfully zany and whimsical view of the world, I'd love to go antique/eclectic shopping with you. They do look like carrots at first glance but they also look like corn...why can't they be both as you say? :)

  2. hahahaha - ORANGE corn?? Whaaat? No wonder you thought they were carrots. I probably would too. I, too do not see things the same way as others.

    I LOVE SECOND HAND STORES!! Most of my grooviest clothes come from these places. Where I live now, everyone shops at these places because (a) no one can afford the retail and (b) you can buy designer/name brand quality stuff there, which you cannot do in many places anymore.

    I also love yard sales. They are fantastic here.

    I'm "second hand rose."

  3. At least you do try to re-sell them...I keep the damn things!! As for being a bit out there, well, nothing wrong with that!! Hence, our attraction, like Mercury and Uranus in retrograde!!! LOLOLOLOL!!

    See ya tomorrow, lovely Linda...I'm so excited. Waiting for my guy to come home and pack...I'm so ready for a road trip!!

    Loves ya and leaving the goats at home,

  4. Huzzah for upcycling!

    Plus those carrots... which are obviously carrots ;) are fab!

  5. I'm with the kids. Looks like orange corn to me.

  6. I think you bought yourself some chenille carrots, that not only look like but can pass for corn.
    Magic carrots!
    That first paragraph could be a description of me!

  7. Hahaha, Orange corn huh? Those are definitely carrots my dear! Lumpy bumpy ones, but carrots nonetheless.

    Joe and I hit up the thrift/second hand/antique stores pretty regularly. He likes neat old stuff and lightly used shirts and I look for junk to upcycle. :)

  8. A serious downfall of mine...Thrifting! My problem is that I can always see so many possible things in a cast-off item. Then I have to wonder what to do with it after the item is upcycled. So I really have to rein in my imagination when I go to a thrift store.
    Love the corn/carrots! :0) I can see both - I have an orange chenille bedspread that is almost that exact color.....

  9. Maggie and I visited Le Gudwil yesterday and I found numerous treasures that I can't wait to work on. Wish you and I lived close enough that we could thrift shop together. Can't you just see it? We'd need a U-haul truck. xoxo

  10. I love and adore the Whimsical World of Oma Linda. You are just the beautiful, fun, kind, spiritual, unique and zany friend I needed. Love and hugs always, Mina


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