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Monday, March 19, 2012

Eggs are simply not in my future......

Sometimes one just has to say uncle, when one is strong armed by the "one thing after the other" monster. Eggs are hereby called off this year on account of ?????????, well I am not sure but we ain't having eggs ya'll.

When I last posted here, we were off to do the egg thing of choice by the kids. I guess I should say we started but it just never seemed to happen. Lack of enthusiasm on everyone's part. So nope, no eggs.

And add to that, the over enthusiasm of Sunny Bunny knocking my wool and bead eggs off of my work bench and whispering to Ellie Mae Scootles to chew them beyond recognition. I can show you the wool that they were made from.....a really cool little pastel striped shawl from Benneton. I am watching Ellie cuz I used glass beads and well.....hmmmmmm, I sure hope she passes them okay. Cat and dog antics sure are fun huh? Errrrrrr.
I did get two projects finished and have managed to save them from beasts of child and animal realms. I made a spring hanging for the front door and I made a "peeps" topiary for the center piece on the table.

I also found some orhan items from Le Gudwil, and cleaned them up to use on the table as well.

Haven't even gotten what I have in the Spring deco box out or looked for anything else.....think this is gonna do it for the Casa de Cuckoo crowd this year.


  1. Ahhh yes, that famous French store Le Gudwil :o)
    Your peeps topiary is awesome. With a creation like that who needs no stink'n eggs.
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  2. I don't blame you for not doing eggs when no one else wants to participate in the event. Oh ouch, glass beads....could be bad. Your center piece is soooo cute! Love them all really.


  3. Oh man, an egg conspiracy! Glad you managed to sidle the rest of easter in there anyway :oD

  4. Oh my gosh - the Peeps - lol! Brilliant idea!

    And the wall hanging is delightful! So cheerful and Spring-y. Wish I was more crafty...

  5. A peeps topiary--I love it! You are one talented lady, Oma Linda.

    I just finished re-rolling a skein of sock yarn that our little dog foundling, Dweezil, played with all over the living room. He had help from one of the cats, who carried it there from the table where I left it. Lol, we laugh, we clean up after them, then laugh some more.

  6. Your creativity impresses me. :) I love that peeps topiary.. too cute.

  7. That looks so wonderful. I love the hanging and the topiary !!!!
    Happy Ostara and happy Spring ; )

  8. WOW!...so pretty! I love all of your decorations. I've been away and still have my St. Paddy decorations out. Glass beads...ouch! I'm so sorry about what happened to your wool and bead eggs. I was really looking forward to seeing them. Hope your Sunday is relaxing and enjoyable. xoxo

  9. Poor little Ellie Mae Scootles. Ouch!

    Your door hanging is gorgeous. Those flowers in the corners are beautifully done. What an adorable peeps center piece. Hopefully Ellie Mae won't get those as well and leave little marsh-beads all over the place. ;-)

    I love your sweet Easter decor. Everything is so festive, not an egg is needed. Hugs, my darling friend.


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