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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ry's IEP

Thought you might like an update on the education front.

A little background. Ry has been diagnosed with Aspergers which is on the Autism Spectrum. Part of his diagnosis is not being able to communicate clearly, being influenced and affected by outside stimuli, repetitive behaviors and self management issues.

so proud of himself, what a guy
Shelley has been through 3 previous Individual Eduction Plan's. Her experience was to say the least awful. She asked if I would attend and of course I said I would. She also said, and I am quoting "don't be afraid to say what you "need" to say". Wow, really? Like there is any other way?????

Ry was warehoused in kindergarten with children who were so affected by their issues that they rolled on mats or licked trees or screamed all day. We fought to have him re assigned but he had a year of terror at the hands of a violent little boy and the system and not much else.

His first grade teacher (she was only an intern and had no credentials in Special Education) thought we were devil worshippers because of our life choices, took it out on Ry and he was segregated from the other kids because he might be "mean" and certainly could not make eye contact like a "normal" kid. What?????? Yep she was enlightened, huh. And we asked that he be re assigned but that didn't happen either. 2 years of non education in the area of math, reading, social skills, except here on the home front.

So this year, when he has a brand spanking new special education teacher who is in her first year of teaching, we kinda gulped and held on real tight. But we had no reason to worry, she is a wonderful educator, and a great person. She has a special understanding of her students needs and also is able to incorporate these kids together into a cohesive class (or as much as is humanly possible). So does his  mainstream teacher. Together, and I think that is the key, they are making a huge difference in little man's life. He looooooooooooooooves his teachers. The special offerings of occupational therapy and physical therapy teachers have a handle on behavior and social skill sets for him and help him learn how to control himself. His speech teacher has come around (after some gentle nudging) and has studied up on kids on the spectrum. So his team of educators were a joy to meet with, set goals with and give them some much needed praise and kudos.

The team was also very kind to us. They told us that we are a special family because we are open and allow Ry to be who he needs to be. When I said, I didn't know there was another choice, they let me know we are very differnt and they appreciate us as well. That was very good to hear.

It was a super, special time for all of us. They learned the emotional needs side of Ry from his Oma and thanked me for those insights into his "real" life. I learned how he is the same everywhere his little pea picking, challenge the rules, hugging and loving self goes. His mom, my beloved sweet Shelley, got to relax and feel that she wasn't fighting this fight alone (and it has been in the past and we're ready for it in the future). The team not only set goals for Ry to achieve but also made it possible for him to partake of some services offered by the district and the state which will be of a huge help to him (and me, selfishly). He can now enjoy Extended School Year activities, doesn't have to be bored, or lose his place in reading or math but rather continue to learn all the time. He can be included in extra curricular sport activities, targeting special ed children. Much like his wonderful summer program where we watched him blossom.

Woooo Hoooooot. Everybody won yesterday and on the ride home I saw my daughter relax for the first time in ages.

New Moon Blessings..................


  1. That is just wonderful news!!!!!! He is a special kid( aren't they all though!) and it is wonderful to know that his learning won't be impeded by rigid thinking and inflexible rules. Celebration time for your family....Great teachers are truly a blessing! ...( and great family too!)

  2. Yay, I'm so happy for you guys, especially that everyone's now on the same page! Glad they appreciated you too, my mum once taught a special needs child whose mother had remarried when he was a baby, the new husband hated him and encouraged their subsequent kids ot pick on him, and ultimately his mum would lock him in a cupboard with only spam sandwiches, to make him obey, knowing full well that he hated spam...

    Dedicated, understanding and equipted teaching staff makes all the difference with exceptional children such as Ry. Thanks so much for sharing the great news.
    Enjoy this blessed season.
    Always, Queenie

  4. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!HEEEEHAAA!!!...I'm so happy for sweet little pirate Ryleigh!

  5. OMG!!! This is so freaking fabulous. This is the first time I have heard you give such positive results of those hired to teach and help little Ry and it is enough to make me want to jump up and yell, "GO TEAM GREEN!" Sending my love to all.

  6. That's exactly how special education is supposed to work. As a retired SPED director, I cringe when I hear the horror stories. SPED works best when we can all work together to meet the child's needs. I'm so happy that you've found a district that works with you.

  7. I couldn't be more pleased if Ry were my own grandson. I can only imagine Shelley's relief. Hopefully from here on out things will keep looking up for your sweet boy. He's such a wonderful kid. Give him a hug for me.

  8. New Moon Blessings to you! What a relief that things are falling into place. I have a few friends whose children are in IEP and have heard horror stores. Whip up some of that magic to keep thing going smoothly.

  9. Thank goddess that all of you are so supportive of Ry. It's hard enough to be different and need great educators which is a gift you're giving him as well as receiving back from him. It's so nice to read a positive story like this with all the financial doom and gloom going on, Linda : 0

  10. Hugs..amazing ..many blessings!!

  11. oh Linda, that is just wonderful Goddess is sure watching out for you all! Shelley is a great Mom and so blessed to have you as her mom!
    xox oh email me what colour you would like the donkey done in, didn't think you would want the white, but if you do thats ok too lol


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