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Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Monday lovelies!

Attitude adjustments come in all colors, sizes and forms. Sweetness comes in packages, boxes, packets and jars............except when it's too sweet for containers as mundane. When it comes with a beating heart, long fuzzy ears and smiling eyes.......
Bernardo de MBF
Freckles on noses, whiskers on donkeys,
my grandbabies' laughter and small flying monkeys,
full moons and magick, new sparkly rings,
these are a few of my life's sweetest things.

I know, now you think I have gone Sound of Music on all of you....

but let me say if I were:
1,000,000 times smarter
1,000 times thinner
100 times healthier
10 times wealthier
this 1 moment, when all of the good things are clear and in focus could not be any better or more meaningful and I am glad for all I am, all I have and all that I can do.

Happy year of the Dragon....especially to Big G and Little G who are both Dragons in so many ways.


  1. May the dragon bless you and yours this year! Love that adorable donkey face. *hugs*

  2. Enjoy the happiness!!!
    So glad you are having big funad joyousness with your beloved donkeys and grand babbies!
    Continue your great day,
    Always, Queenie

  3. Love love love these donkey pictures! Happy New Year! Isn't it great to celebrate in so many cultures. So many fresh starts and new beginnings.

  4. Hee hee, love that pic! Happy Chinese New Year to you too :o)

  5. What a fun post, miss Linda. So full of life and celebration. You just go with your Sound of Music-Wizard of Oz self. Happy year of the Dragon to you!

  6. Bernardo has a choochy face. :-) You're so lucky to be able to spend time with those lovely dear hearts. And now the These Are a Few of My Favorite Things is stuck in my head... just in time for bed. lol

    Happy year of the dragon to you as well.

    Bright blessings,


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