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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You know my Aspie grand is a genius, right????

And a deep thinker as well. Ry can come up with the most unique things in the universe. I am always amazed at not only the things he thinks of, but also the complexity of his thoughts and sometimes to be perfectly honest, I don't understand.

Let me interrupt myself to say that lately, I have had conversations with adults I know, about life, living and the pursuit of knowledge. My friend and chiropractor Steve is a big thinker as well and sees life differently than most of my other adult friends. So when I say that he "gets" Ry, you will have an insight here. Steve believes that the Autism Spectrum folks of the world are actually going to be the saviors of the human race because they don't go down the conventional wisdom lane of traffic. I agree. Wonderful insightful thoughts come from deep down inside AS adults and children and some of these thoughts could very well be the life savers we will all need in the future.

I know I borrowed this from another lovely soul in the community....but honest to goodness I can't remember who. If it was you, let me know and I shall give you credit.
Back to Ry. We are getting ready to celebrate MidWinter, Winter Solstice, Yule. One of our traditions is to have he and his sister play the parts of The Holly King and the Oak (Ivy) King in the battle that brings the light back into power at this time of year and the dark back into power at Summer Solstice, MidSummer, Litha. They both look forward to the playing of parts and the costuming and set decorating and lalalalalala...

So tonight after we have finished dinner, he turns to me and asks me...."So Oma, what ever happened to the Spring King and the Fall King? Did they not have as many followers as the Holly and Oak Kings? Or did they find out that we don't have to do battle in order to get our point across to each other? Because I would like to draw all of the Kings and I was just trying to make sure I had all the information."

Never in my wildest dreams would I have contemplated what he saw in his mind's eye, explored in his vivid imagination and is now in process of writing poetry about it and making illustrations to go with it. This is the same boy, who 2 years ago wasn't even verbal. Holy Moly ya'll. At 7 years old, I barely understood rudimentary things that folks observed for holidays or religion or celebrations. But this little critter is keen on not only "knowing" but taking the building blocks of the logic of it and putting them back together again.

So what do you think the other kings look like? I'll let you know when the "boy from somewhere else" who everyday blesses me with his self, gifts us with his insights.


  1. What an amazing mind. I'm inclined to agree with your friend. Your Ry sounds like a joy to know.

  2. I'm convinced the Spring King and very Queen-like and is surrounded by daisies, because you can't have spring without the wondrous flowers. And the Fall Kind has the most colorful attire, and the most knowledgeable eyes--which of course are the color of warm honey ;-)

    Ry (and your chiropractor)are amazing. I'm impressed by the former and agree with the remarks of the latter. And I hope you share Ry's drawings!

  3. WOW. He sounds very wise indeed. I suspect that there would never have been a spring or autumn King because the ancients tending to divide the year in have- winter/summer. But if there was a Spring King he might be named after the very first blooms of Spring (like the Magnolia tree) and the Autumn King would probably be my favorite with all his lovely Fall colored leaves.

  4. Linda, it has to be wonderous having RY in your day to day life. He is such an amazing person and I'm sure he'll do great things with his life. Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family. Hugs

  5. Oh my gosh, when he does, Oma Linda, please let us all know. I for one would be extremely interested in it. I actually have thought about that before, not necessarily in those terms but the concepts... thinking through the whole story of the cycle of life and different beliefs. I understand his desire to know because having the whole picture is so much better than missing pieces. It makes it hard to put the tapestry together, if you know what I mean. Like some of the threads didn't get woven in and some of the story is a bit on the blank side. Just you wait, I bet more questions and more working it all out is on its way to you some time in the not too distant future. He's so smart and inquisitive. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

    Brightest blessings for a very Beautiful Yule to you and yours,

  6. Deep thinking and inner wisdom indeed. We all need to take a moment and listen to those younger and some times wiser.
    Contemplate the deep thoughts.

    Happy Yule!

  7. Looking forward to Ry's version of the seasons. Merry Christmas to all of you!

    word vert: desupe. On this cold day, desupe tasted wonderful.

  8. I always though Joel, my oldest and 35 now, was on the spectrum. However, he was born at a time when nothing was done about it since no one knew anything about it, ie. the school districts and a very protective mother. Ian wasn't far behind either.

    Your blessed with such a wonderful child and yes, I "get" that kind of insight now...in a way, we sort of morph into it or we just feel that's our "normal!!" LOL

    Have a great day and again, I wonder if I could set fire to my neighbor's dead tree for my yule log!!

    Loves ya,

  9. I agree with your chiropractor. Minds touched with any degree of autism work in a unique way that allows exceptional talents and gifts to flourish if given a chance. I have had several autistic folks in my world, the key is acceptance, patience and love.
    You are blessed.
    Have a wonderful Yule.
    Always, Queenie

  10. Well, now, see, that's a perfectly logical question, and I think he came up with the perfects answer, after all in the spring and in the autumn it's so pretty - in spring things are being born and popping up all over the place, so the King of Spring would be a very happy soul. Although things are dying in the autumn, there's such beauty in the leaves as the trees pop off to sleep for the winter, and I think the King of Autumn would be equally happy to see everyone peacefully settling down. In the middle of winter though, it's cold and wet and miserable, and that would be enough to make you pick a fight with anyone!

  11. I just had to write...I am so with you on this! I love my ASD boys. I work with emotionally impaired high school students and these guys can be frustrating at times, but they know everything about their favorite subject and are a joy to listen to. I also think your chiropractor is on to something...

  12. Linda, bless his heart and Brain! I wonder if it is possible to be an Aspie and an Indigo child? They are more evolved in the intellect field and are deep deep thinkers!
    I think your Ry is onto something, truly a gift, and I anxiously await his vision!
    Blessed Yule to you and yours!
    love n Light,

    come visit mine

  13. What an absolutely amazing child. When he lets you know what all of the kings look like and pours prose into poetry, when he possibly one day replaces the need for war and hostility with common sense and peaceful humanitarian goals, I hope you share every beautiful detail. There is no greater gift than a person with a mind and heart as full of love as your Ry. We shall all cheer him on, my lovely friend.

  14. Hi, I thank you for this wonderful piece. Being an Aspie myself ( and having an Aspie husband, son and daughter), it's nice to hear such positive thought about autism.


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