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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How much fun was that?????

I swear, blog partys just keep getting more and more fun. It is always a treat to let the grands have a hand in these deals. GK and Ry are hambones and ya'll are a captive audience. Gives me a chance to do my Mickey Rooney imitation...."let's find a barn and put on a show". And this time the barn wasn't too awful far from what we were doing. You must know we were at our special friends Morning Bray Farms for our photo shoot.
GK and her bestest goat buddy Meggie
The donkeys keeping an eye on Mr. Ry
We girls did the photos and the boys visited the ducks and Da Boyz. Must admit that I just knew Ms. GK was gonna make a terrific gypsy maiden. The red dress and muck boots were contributed by Mrs. Morning Bray and were a big hit with all of us. The dress is from Paris and GK said she will never part with it. Now the boots may only last a few more months.....weeds and these kids have lots in common....fast growth.
Even all gussied up she can't resist being who she is.....Danger Jane
The newest soft eyed, long ear friend and Morning Bray, Ms. Gracie Belle
Don't forget, only 1 more day to sign up for the giveaways from the Gypsy Dream party and I'll announce the winners on Saturday morning.


  1. Looking forward to the next party now with eager anticipation :o)

  2. I think we're darn lucky you and the grands are such ham bones and put on such fantastic shows. I love these trips to Morning Bray Farms. The donkeys are such loves I can't get enough of them. I'm looking forward to the next blog party and can't wait to see what you all come up with for it. Hugs

  3. Love them "jackasses" ; )

    Also, I love this song. A favorite of mine to bellydance to : )

  4. I love these photos! GK is a beauty and Dangerous Jane is a perfect nickname! I loved her in the party and oh, that is just a beautiful Paris dress.


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