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Friday, September 16, 2011

Gypsy Dreams winners

Thank you to all the lovelies who came by to visit, saw our gypsy maiden, and then entered the giveaway by leaving a comment.

Van Gogh's Gypsy Caravans
I want to thank our host for the party Celia. This was so much fun. I learned so much about the gypsy culture. Got to see wonderful photos including but not limited to fabulous gypsy horses, gypsified environments and artwork done by all of you. Made some new friends, shared a cuppa and have some plans for more gypsifying in my life.

The winner of the NQR hearts are: Georgina, Melanie and Mina

The winner of the spanish deck of cards is: Kiki aka Victoria

I will visit the winners, if possible, to notify of your win but if you could email me at turtle8603 at comcast dot net and give me your address, that would be perfection.
Until next year, sweet dreams my gypsy sisters.

Oma Linda


  1. congratulations to the winners!!

  2. Woo-Hoo!!! I am so excited, Miss Linda! You know how I ADORE your NQR hearts! Thank you a million times over. I am off to your email. Crushing you with a big warm hug!

  3. My great uncle married into the Stanley family in Dayton, Ohio--my father's cousin was destined to be the queen of the gypsy family there but chose to turn her back on that part of her life.

    And on another gypsy note, Denny and I spent a long time at the Holocaust Museum in DC on Saturday where the deaths of so many Roma are documented as part of the evil created by that mustached little tyrant.


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