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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Wizard of OZ celebration is coming soon to a blog near you......

I posed a question about having a blog party to Celebrate OZ after our Halloween party extravaganza this fall, especially since the grands and I had such a super exciting and enlightening time, writing our story, doing the decos, setting the stage for the enactment of the tale and then the Halloween party at the Royal Spiders abode. The story of two journeyors and their trials to find the missing spider was so fun and turned into a three day do. We were ready for another challenge. And since we are dyed in the wool WOZ aholics......That's Wizard of Oz to those uninitiated in ways of the crazies....we are having a WOZ blog party.

Whether you're a fan of the books (which I have read since I asked the question and wow what a difference), the screen plays (so many, who knew) the movie (that also has an interesting back story), the good witch Glinda and the bad witch Elphaba, the Broadway play Wicked, or just a love of all things Ozzie and not the English mumbler married to the little mouthy broad. And to my great surprise and amazement, almost to the last lovely, the answer was yes. So.....the date of the event is March 19, 2011, Celebrate OZ just before the spring equinox.

I will have the button to link back on OmaLinda's Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts and you'll be able to add your blog to the WOZ party roll tomorrow. My only request would be that you pass the information along.

Visions of munchkins, yellow brick roads and flying monkeys dance in your heads.

So my pretties, til we melt the bad and ding dong the good........


  1. The OZ books were among my favorites growing up.

  2. Fun, I read all the Oz books when I was a child, I loved them all. The date of the Shindig is my DH's birthday, should make it easy to remember.

  3. I look forward to this. I posted it on my side bar on my blog with the button you are using. Do you want me to use another one?


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