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Monday, January 3, 2011

Introduction of the poopy doos............

Odin has been well since we brought him home. Thanks for your concern.

So we were baking the other day and GK wanted to know if she could make dinner. I said sure what would you like to fix? She said she would like some pinto beans and tortillas. She brought tears to my eyes. REally??????, you want to fix NM food. Sure she said, then I can have burritos later on.

So, without further ado, she goes to the pantry pulls out the bean canister and begins to sort, wash and put the beans with a frozen ham bone in the pot to boil, let stand for an hour and then put the top on the pressure cooker and fire it up for 20 minutes. I guess this means she has been watching. She wouldn't let me help her.

Then on to the tortillas. We saw a recipe online that was for tortillas in a bag. I had it printed out because it looked interesting. Not traditional but interesting. GK asked if she could do that one because it looked easier than the way I usually do it. Sure says I and she was off in a flash to measure all the dry ingredients with the lard. She followed the directions to the letter and we had some hot, good flavor tortillas for dinner. But I am getting ahead of myself. 

She then wanted to make a quick dessert. I didn't have any ideas and she asked if she could make up a recipe. Ummmmm okay. And this is what she came up with: poopy doos also known in 10 year old circles as Snowman poo.
The scary thing is, it was pretty good....so long as I didn't think about the name. Mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate almond bark and topped with big chunk clear sprinkles for frost on the poo.

Dinner was wonderful and now she wants to make sloppy joes tonight, I asked for left over cookies for dessert.....no use pushing the creative process too far eh?

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  1. How wonderful that GK is all about the kitchen. I think it's great practice and a good way to spend the day. Learning and practicing. Yay for GK, you go girl!! Nice post Linda, good way to start out the year.

  2. I LOVE when the kids cook - and GK has been well taught - not even I will use a pressure cooker - they scare me. heehee - and homemade tortillas ROCK. Do you think Miss Julia Child would be willing to share her recipe with us. Please.

  3. What a great post. It's wonderful to hear about children taking an interest in things that they will need in the long run. Cooking is so important. My sister in law raised two daughters and served both of them until they finally got married and went off on their own. Neither knew how to cook. Both are now home again. They just didn't know how to do anything in the household.

  4. ~might just have to whip up some poopy doos over here!!! don't you love what they come up with!!! how exciting that she is venturing into the kitchen and preparing herself...you've done well...mine love cooking and bking a nd i can hope that they will take such with them as they grow and venture out on their own...thank you much for all yoru sweetness as of late...wonder if those marshmellow had anything to do with it...lol...just joking! i think after a day of cleaning cleaning and oh ya more cleaning i am officially dilerious...oh well! much love light and blessings be with you always~

  5. heh, I have a ham bone...I was going to make split pea soup...but now I'm switching to black bean....can't wait....She sounds like a natural cook! best, Susan

  6. I insisted our sons learn to cook, but for them it was a chore (and both married women who don't cook.) I think it's great that GK WANTS to cook and is inventive to boot. And hurray for pressure cookers!

  7. Great for GK, It is wonderful she wants to cook and you get a break. The tortillas sound yummy and the poo is kind of like Rocky Road, yes I could eat those. You will have to let us know how the sloppy joes turned out.

  8. Good for her! I used to love cooking with my mum, although I do remember a blazing row with my gran when I was about 9 about how to make minestrone soup lol She and my papa were staying with me for a week in our house because my parents both away with work, and mum had left us the task to make this soup. Well my gran dices her carrots, and we sliced them, and she would not believe that that's how my mum would do it. I think I won in the end...

  9. At the ripe old age of 10, she's got me beat in the creative kitchen department! I'm still fiddling about with recipes and what have yous. If she ever gets the urge to teach someone her secret NM recipes, send her my way! Joe insists the beans and tortilla types of dinners are the easiest things ever, but I can't seem to pull them off.

    Shephard's pie? No problem. Burrito? *crickets chirp and Danni flees the kitchen*

  10. I started to drool when you said fresh tortillas, with lard even, yum yum yum!!
    Good for the GK cooking all, now she will be able to take care of herself.
    And poop for dessert??? It just doesn't get any better than that.
    Thank you for being on the team, it is much appreciated!
    Love and hugs.


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