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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wanted to share this with you.........

I don't usually have much nice to say about my state government...inbred, high browed, low morals is usually the terms I would use but today I can honestly say.....wo hoot, there is at least one thinking human being in the government sector.

A northern New Mexican district attorney's office has started using a pet therapy dog as a companion for young children to make it easier for the abused kids to relate their stories at interview and then if need be in court. The dog is introduced to the child early in the reporting phase and accompanies the child to any and all occasions where they may have to calmly recount the abuse.

Who would have thought that the milk of human kindness would be dispensed by a lovely young black lab and give courage to the youngest victims of abuse? Yay for the thinking humans in "not my county" but in the northern part of the state. Maybe some of that compassion will rub off on others if this pilot program goes well. I can really see how having a warm, breathing, loving dog next to you would be a boon for a child in a terribly frightening situation.


  1. What a wonderful idea. We have a guide dog for the blind that works along the corridor from me in the office. I swear people take calming breaks just to drop by and say hi and have a snuggle in his fur (and most of them remember to say hi to Charles too lol)

  2. All dogs are and can be the best medicine for what ails you. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Now that's one heck of a great idea!! Your gov is a friggin' rock star here in El Paso, since she was ours before she went to practice law in your state. Anyway, don't know your feelings about her, but this DA is using the ol' gray cells and some red ones too!! Fabulous!! There's nothing like the wet nuzzle of a doggie's nose and looking at those sweet eyes. Keep telling my 88 year old mother she needs a furry one to keep her company and something to love when I'm not around!!! LOLOLOL!!!

    Love ya,

  4. I love, love to hear stories like this when the love an animal brings such powerful and magick healing. I saw a documentary and I don't remember where it was taking place that had a program for male/female prisoners living in jail that were assigned these dogs destined for death because of their behavior. Not hardened criminals were assigned dogs, but the love and devotion that went both ways with the animals and prisoners rehabilitated both. Then when the dogs had completed their "time" with the prisoners, they went to carefully screened loving homes. Stories like this make me smile :)

  5. How refreshing when the state government (or government in general) does something uplifting! Thank you for sharing this positive news!

    Btw, I adore my hearts from your shop! Thank you so much, Linda!

  6. I love this story. I am a huge supporter of animal therapy. I worked with horse therapy in high school. The love and suport an animal can give someone in need is amazing!
    I have a post about an amazing documentary called The Horse Boy. check it out.http://ponderosapagan.blogspot.com/2010/12/shamanism-and-horse.html

  7. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this information. Hugs


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