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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on us.......

We're good. It is because of your prayers, candles, thoughts, concern and love.

Someone asked me today if I was worried and I honestly answered no. I am at peace. I so feel what all of you are doing is working. I can just concentrate on making things as normal as possible.

You deserve an update because you too are a part of what is going on. Only a little more time and we will be over that hurdle.

We are grateful and thankful.

Keep up the good works my friends.


  1. ~and grateful and thankful we are too...thank you for giving us and update and my continued thoughts healing wishes and blessings remain with you and your family...muuch love always~

  2. Hi Linda,
    I don't know what troubles you are facing currently (I've read a number of your posts to know that you haven't fully disclosed details for privacy reasons), but I'm sending you my very best thoughts and wishes.
    I'm here today because of the very kind comments you have been leaving on my blog - and I'm especially thankful for these comments because now I've found your blog. :-)
    Oh..and your profile picture on your Blogger profile page? Makes me laugh out loud every time I see it - so, thanks for that, too.

  3. Hi again Miss Linda!

    I'm glad to hear that things are going your way! PLEASE email me and let me know exactly what is up! I meant to email you the other day, well, actually tell you to let me know, and well, school took over and I got sidetracked.

    I know you can't say a lot because of your stalker. Who is it this time? Please fill me in as I would very much like to put out some good energy and use some peaceful candle ritual(s) to help ease your mind.

    My email is the same but here it is just in case!


    I look forward to hearing from you again! Besides, I misplaced your email when I was on sabbatical for the last 6 months or so! LOL

    Brightest Blessings!
    Witchy Gillian!

  4. I am so glad that some of the cloud storms are lightening up a bit. You have courage and such love that truly inspires me. Sending you and your babies lots of healing strength. Every time I look at my "Moon Gifts" you and your grandbabies send me, I just smile!


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