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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 27, 28, 29, 30 of Truth.............

Day 27. What's the best thing you've got going for you right now?

I would say it is my age. I have lived long enough to have some wisdom and not long enough to have forgotten what I still need to learn. At 18, I knew everything, at 30, I thought I knew alot and didn't need a lot of guidance, at 45, I began to realize that life was more complicated than I had imagined and now I want to learn and experience as much as humanly possible.

Day 28. What would you do if you got pregnant right now? Oh, I can't even imagine.

Day 29. Something you hope to change about yourself? I need to accept certain truths but I don't need to hide from being able to do something about my health. I am motivated to being a full time participant in being a better me.

Day 30. A letter to yourself.

Dear Linda:

Forgive and forget what is gone. Embrace and expand on what is. Seek opportunity to be better and move forward.

Be kind to yourself, love as much and as often as possible and don't look back but around and enjoy the blessings of the now. And laugh at least 20 times a day.

Your best friend, worst enemy and constant companion, The Olde Bagg


  1. I love how you ended this. And isn't it true of us all? Best friend, worst enemy and yet... constant companion. We are always there aren't we?

  2. I love your letter to yourself, I thought it was very profound. Beautiful. hope you have a great day.

  3. Letter to yourself; brief, succinct, to the point. Excellent advice that I think I'll borrow if you don't mind. Hope your 30 questions helped in the long run--I know it was painful. Hugs.

    word vert: I'd love to stay and chat but I gatio.

  4. Oh Friend...
    I LOVE your letter to yourself!! I love the idea of not looking back, but around...how simple & beautiful & true!
    Thank you for taking me on this journey with you, for sharing your 30 truths with me & giving me the chance to grow by answering my own 30 truths. It is a journey being that honest with yourself & thenputting it out there for all the universe to know. But how completely freeing it was!!! ;)
    Big Hugs to my favorite friend in New Mexico with her ravishing, long white hair!!!


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