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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 9

9. Someone you didn't want to let go but who drifted.

My niece Cindy. There is only 6 years between us in age and I do so miss her laugh and her company but circumstances being what they are, we have drifted apart as friends.


  1. I'm afraid many of us have experienced that...it's heartbreaking at times, but unfortunately, it happens and in so many families.

  2. Call her! I bet you would be glad you did - betcha' she would too.


  3. I agree. Call her. You never know how she will respond. She may well be wanting to call you as well, but is afraid to take the first step.

  4. Hi Friend,
    As usual, thanks for your always great advice at being OK, to toot my own horn...toot, toot!! ;)
    Last time I visited, you were on #4. Congrats on continuing on this journey...you handle each question with style & grace. I love the idea that you drive the streetcar of when YOU feel the need to get into old wounds. Taking back the power is often just as healing as verbalizing the feelings, at least that's what this horn tooting girl thinks!! LOL
    Will keep reading & finding out more about my NM friend, Big Hugs!!


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