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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 19

19. What is your opinion of religion.

This is a funny question....To me it's sorta like asking what is your opinion of spiders. I think they serve a useful purpose. I don't care for some but others are really interesting.

I watched a news report recently that said that people tend to attend church for the social aspect....duh? Everyone wants to be with like minded people and enjoy the fellowship. 

Humankind has always developed  belief systems for whatever reason, community, control, cohesion. And untold numbers of humans have been annihilated because they were of the wrong belief system.

What I truly would hope for all religions is tolerance but well...if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I have a funny about this very point (well funny to me anyway). When I worked for the New Mexico Conference of Churches as a youth coordinator, I had a person who was pitching "Character Counts" an ethics based curriculum for schools, meet with me. He wanted me to get the "church" community together and get them on board to back this program. I laughed in his face. What? You think that I can wiggle my nose and make all of these different denominations give full sanction to a "worldly" ethics curriculum? He was indignant and didn't seem to understand why I would think that was such a hard thing to do. OMG. 2 thousand years of one upmanship wasn't enough for him to get it. Wow, really? But then he was not a Christian or of any faith...............he was a progressive thinker...uh oh.

Now all these years away from the church and a lot of lovely and yet stranger than fiction people in my life, I understand the naivete that he came crippled with. Unless you steep yourself comparative religions, you can't begin to judge or guess what someone of another religion or faith will think of any particular subject......thus the non tolerance.....ignorance is crippling.


  1. Hi! Roundabout here. Just wanted to let you know I would love for you to post about my blog give away! Thank's for asking!
    Can't wait to read more of your blog as well.

  2. "Religion is the prostitution of spirituality"
    (that's my own quote). I told it to Bill Maher and he totally loved it. I truly believe when you make spirituality a business, it's like making sex a business; corruption ensues.

  3. I am not of any particular religion. My parents are/were Protestants or is it Presbyterian? Well, that gives you and idea of how important religion is in our family. I was never baptisted either. Anyway, speaking in a strictly "christian" point of view, God loves us no matter what, right? He forgives us and is the ultimate judge of us? Now, if this is true who is anyone to judge anyone else's religion or point of view? How can anyone tell anyone else that they are wrong to be a Buddist or Jewish when it's up to God to judge them when the time comes? I never understood these people that rant and rave that we're all gonna go to hell if we aren't of one mind or religion. We were put here to love and help one another no matter what we believe. At least that's what I think. Thanks for letting me rant.

  4. I agree with Autumnforest! I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I enjoyed everything about it. I have no unpleasant experiences with nuns or priests and they taught me a lot, but I do not like organized religion. It's a business! Religion is the bases for people to disagree with one another and fight wars.
    I'm a spiritual person. I believe in God, but it's man I don't trust. People tend to get fanatical and make all kinds of stupid decisions all in the name of God and misunderstand the bible to the point that it's dangerous.


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