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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 18

18. Your views on gay marriage

I believe that love can and should be honored with ceremony. If two persons love each other and are committed to make their union honorable, then by all means it should be sanctioned by a marriage ceremony. It matters not to me whether those person are same sex or opposite sex.

But I don't think this is a question of the heart, I think this is a question at this time, of society attempting to govern the heart...once again it puts us in the arena of the politics and I've already answered that ugliness in a previous day's question.

My niece and her partner have been together now for over 25 years. It is terribly unfair that they do not have the spousal rights afforded opposite sex marriages. But be that as it may, they are committed, loving and blessed.

"With liberty and justice for all"...................


  1. Wow, that's a hot bed of controversy here in EP. There was a referendum up for the voters last week, banning medical insurance to gay and/or unwed couples working for the city. A very proactive proponent against such pay outs, a minister, wrote the referendum, wording it in a very ambiguous way. Well, it won...so less than 13 people from these couples will not receive benefits as will many retired employees. So, many people who were for rewarding people those benefits, yours truly included, actually voted against it, so it won. I wasn't surprised since this minister and all his cronies are very anti-gay and went out to the voters and pushed for exclusion of these couples. Now it's ever more controversial since 4 people on the City Council refuse to accept this and will reverse the voter's decision...now we're in another cluster f--k!! NOw it's about what the people want and the political hierarchy telling the voters to jump off a cliff...oey vey!!
    Like you, feel the same way about gay couples, why shouldn't they be given the same rights...well, it's all about politics, government and religious. I figure why should heterosexual couples be the only miserable ones, let's include everyone!! hahahahahaha!! All kidding aside, I'm with ya, Sista!!! My ex boyfriend came out some years ago and is extremely happy and involved with a very nice guy...told him he was a lousy boyfriend, but now he's forgiven!! LOL


  2. I feel torn about this subject, as I'm sure many others are because from a religions stand point it's forbidden, but from a humanitarian and compassionate standpoint (which is preached in religion) it is to look and treat our fellow human beings with compassion, love and understanding. I have several gay friends and they are just as dear to me as my non-gay friends. I just wish this subject would not cause so much uproar because our objective in our short life span should be to make this journey here on earth as pleasant as possible for each other, but I suppose happy endings are more likely to happen in fairy tales. Did you know I collect Fairy Tale books from all over the world? I love them and Fables too...

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me and Gizzy :-)

  3. I love your truths too my friend, we are so similar in so many ways! I think big hearts are just like that.
    I can't agree with you more on the spousal rights, that was something I didn't even get into, but I feel so strongly about. It is so unfair. HOw wonderful for your neice to have found the love of her life & have been together for 25 years!!! Most straight couples will NEVER see that number.
    Thank you for your honesty & watching you unfold right before my eyes, it's a beautiful thing!
    Big Hugs,


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