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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 11

11. Something that people seem to compliment you the most on.

That would have to be my hair. I started going grey very early. I think I was about 25 when I got a cluster that was noticeable and by age 35 I was really salt and pepper. Now the salt has taken over and there are very few pepper strands left. But even before, when I was younger, I had comments and compliments on my hair.

I love to wear it long and that is another part of the comments. Old ladies and long hair....not a usual combo. My Grandmother used to say of her own white hair, "the creator liked her so much, he had added some extra whipped cream on top". To add to my supposed conceitedness, I love hair jewelry. Since I have long hair, I also love silver accents to show off my hair. I particularly like Native American Silver/turquoise pretties.


  1. I never had my hair long until now when I am older. I just recently gave it a good trim, but it was all the way down my back...something I haven't had since school. I love hair jewelry, too, and am a fanatic in the 99 cent store. LOL!!! That's part opf the reason I don't cut.

  2. Hi, I am still trying to catch up. I don't know why I feel so overwhelmed lately. I would love to see your hair. Mine is long now but I am going to get it cut as soon as I can get an appointment. I just can't do anything with it and I am tired of ponytails.

  3. And why is there not an accompanying picture of you lovely locks? For godsakes woman if I am going to the trouble of putting on panty hose you best being showing me the hair. lol.

    It sounds so pretty. A picture. please. now.

  4. I too have had long hair for many years - I'm 54 and it is past my waist - certainly not cutting it anytime soon. And what SkippyMom said - where's the picture??? XO

  5. My aunt and godmother, always had a patch of very white hair in the front of her hair - well as long as I knew her. The rest of her hair was very dark brown until not long before she died and her hair got more gray. I always though it was cool!

    My hair is long - always has been except once when I cut it very short in protest. Long story. But, I keep it pulled up 99% of the time cuz I can't stand it in my face! Odd huh?

    LOL SkippyMom - true! How can one post about their beautiful hair but not help but show it off! ;)

  6. Okay, keep it down to a low roar now ladies....Shelley said she would take a picture of me tomorrow after work. So dun dun duh..........tomorrow.

  7. Okay good...looking forward to picture...be sure to have some silver ornaments in it...I've never had short hair...Hubs likes it long...however, I've recently taken to having it professionally cut around my face because I hate pushing it back...maybe I should get some ornaments to keep it out of my face...More crones are wearing long hair these days...good...

  8. I love your grandmother's philosophy on grey hair. That's such a brilliant way of looking at it!
    And I know the exact hair jewellery you speak of!

  9. Oh goodie, a photo!!!

    @Mary - yes, I keep mine up most of the time too!


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