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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt....funny I was just going to..........

On a blog called Pagan Blog Prompt was a suggestion for a blog about what the Goddess looks like. Paint it, sculpt it, draw it......what form does She take for you. So I will just describe GK's thoughts.

That post thought was so serendipitious...........because I was just thinking about that very subject this afternoon as Gerea and I were having our quiet time (as if) discussion.

Since she was a very small girl and because of where we live here in the SW, Ms. G has always thought of the Goddess as looking like Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mother of the Americas, Catholic virgin who manifested herself to a poor peasant in the middle of a desert with roses at her feet, along with a cherub and her cloak had stars brighter than the sun on it. She has golden rays radiating from her person and always this sweet, kind face.

We have Guadalupitas everywhere in our home, in one form or another. We see OLOG, Our Lady of Guadalupe everywhere we go in ABQ. There is a piece of 1% for art, a city beautification project, on one of our major streets done  in tile with a bottle shaped like OLOG (which used to hold holy water) incorporated in the piece. SM says it's a blue Aunt Jemima bottle but then he is a bit of a skeptic when it comes to public art.  The use of La Nuestra Senora in this region is plentiful and comes in all kinds of surprising ways.

Gerea Kaye if nothing else does hold to her opinions (like a pit bull) that the Goddess did manifest herself as OLOG. 

So when we were in Santa Fe at the Folk Art Museum, we visited the wing that houses the hand carved retablos and santos and other religious art. This is what we found among the holy and saintly....Guadalupe at the Wheel. Who says us beaners have no sense of humor.


  1. Ha! Gotta say, never have seen her behind the wheel. That's a first!

  2. Fun post! I am back and glad to be back. I think I will not be able to catch up as I am way behind. That is a great picture of the goddess behind the wheel.

  3. I'd let Guadalupe drive my car anytime! I'm a big fan of OLOG art as well, there's something about her that has always held sway over me.

  4. Poor Blessed Lady! She HAD to take the wheel because the driver is passed out on the backseat from various libations that got the better of him ;-) Great painting!


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