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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guess who slept at the end of my street, night before last?

Okay so a girl can dream right? I've always had a thing for tall guys and these three are very tall..............and gorgeous.
Toby Keith

Trace Atkins

James Otto
When we saw the trailers and buses parked in the lot at the Sheraton.....well my little heart went pit a pat.


  1. Oh that is exciting, I am a big country and western fan, my heart would have went pitapatter too. have a great weekend. hugs to you, hope all is well.

  2. Linda, these guys are kind of cute! :-)
    Sorry, but I have never heard of them before.
    Are they all famous actors and have you really met them?
    Sweet greetings!

  3. You definitely have great taste in men!

  4. I'm not a country fan but if these three can sing....I may have a listen.....

  5. Jo: These hotties are Country singers and being a lovely from the UK I realize that they are new faces to you.
    Marlene, Cinner, Mary....I'm glad you like the guys, yum
    Susan......they sing? tee hee

  6. Dsmn, did you knock on their trailer doors and offer yourself up to them???? Story at 11!! LOL

  7. Toby Keith has nice fat lips. Did he used to play the trumpet?

    My husband is 6'6". I call him The World's Tallest Mexican.

  8. It's the facial hair that does it...deep sigh...uuummmm...

  9. Hi Linda - this is my 4th and last attempt to try to reach you. My laptop is down and for some reason my Mac desktop won't let me comment on the blogs!

    Anyway... you won my pasta giveaway, but you forgot to leave me an email to contact you if you won. I would normally not count that entry because it is often hard to track people down without an email, but since we visit each other's blogs I thought I'd make an exception.

    Would you contact me before 10:00 p.m. today (8/17) with your mailing info and a phone number so I can send that for the package to go out to you? If I don't hear from you by then, I'll have to pick another winner since I can't seem to reach you. I'm hoping this comment will post!! Crossing fingers...

    Thanks so much and congrats!!

  10. Darn it Linda! Seems after all that I forgot to leave you MY email. Having trouble even posting this comment with this stupid Mac. This whole computer mess has me a mess.

    Anyway, that prior comment was me, Mary from Deep South Dish saying you won the pasta drawing from Macaroni Grill. Write me and let me know you got the message and send your mailing info to mary@deepsouthdish.com Thanks!!

  11. I don't blame you! Just looking at those pictures made MY heart skip a beat! XO

  12. Linda! How have I missed so much of your blog? am I not a follower? I will fix that right now. I love your blog and your heart. I shall be returning more often!
    In response to your story below. wow. You are amazing. I too went through some stuff as a child that I view totally differently now as an adult. one thing is true, there are scares that we will carry forever and how we deal with them has so much to do with the quality of the lives we live. I'm glad you are finding ways to deal with your past... me too!

  13. ~for me i need not even see the faces of the bottom two...their voices melt me! lucky little lady are you to steal a glimpse...even if it was only their trailors! more than i've seen...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~


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