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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New books, new thoughts.....oh no!

It's now or never.
You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find eternity in the moment.
Henry David Thoreau

I am currently reading three books.....crazy? Perhaps but I have always done this.....spread myself thin and multi task. Doesn't mean I get any more done just means, I get bored easily. I also need time to digest what I am learning. So I put one down and start another one.

I shared not long ago that I am coming to grips with my anger issues. Please note here, I did not say trying to. Yay my team.

I am reading: The Anger Habit by Semmelroth & Smith. Interesting compiled case studies on angry people and how they "came to not be controlled" by their anger. This book has provided me with the ability to control my reactions to what usually makes me angry. It's a work in progress and will always be. Folks who have been abused usually abuse themselves the most and anger is one of those things with which we abuse ourselves. The cycle is disappointment with yourself for being angry at someone, they don't live up to your expectation (real or imagined) and then you get angry and it just keeps chasing itself. I needed to get off the anger not so merry go round for my sake and for the sake of all that I love and care about.

Because this is a whole family issue not just me...you know the angry one and the ones who are learning anger, I bought the youngers a book titled Mad is not Bad... Good book for allowing anger to be but not control you and how to channel it before it gets a hold on you. The grands are benefitting from our reading and re-reading it.

And the last book is How to Be a Wicked Witch, good spells, charms, potions and notions for bad days by Patricia Telesco. I love it. I know this sounds.....well just wrong. But it is not a karmic mistake causing book. It is solutions to everyday irksome happenings in a way that makes them controllable.

What are you reading?


  1. Another good book about anger is The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner.

    I know you're probably shocked ; ) but I have anger issues too.

    Honestly....what I've done in working on them is to find the humor in whatever the hell has gotten me from serene and peaceful to wanting to slap a bitch. Then, often times, I blog about it. My blog has reeeeaally helped me get off that merry-go-round....I feel like once I get it out into the written word, it's left my body.

  2. Inannasstar: My goodness girl....of course we use humor, they don't call me snarky old broad for nothin'. Thanks for the new book to check out. I too have found that venting on this blog has helped. I could do more but my living in SC, couldn't take care of his family cuz he had to stay home and micro manage the wife, no smarter than a paper bag, SIL reads the blog and then cries to my daughter if I hurt his feelings...I don't think he reads the comments though....It'd be fun to find out though.
    You're a peach and I love your rants cuz I know they come from way deep inside...I feel it too.

  3. I could definitely use some work on the anger issues myself. Most of the time I find the humor and snark necessary to move past it but when I'm run down people should probably run far-far away because my bullshit meter quits existing. ;)

    I tend to read 2 or more books at a time too! As for what I'm reading currently... I'm reading a comedic vampire novel by Christopher Moore called 'You Suck' and a historical fiction novel that I'm reading to review called 'The Miracles of Prato' which follows a fictitious affair between renowned painter Fra Fillipo Lippi and a Nun. So far, they're both quite good.

    Also, let me know what you think of that spell book, it sound enticing!

  4. Sounds like some good books you are reading. I get angry too and tend to hold it in so that it eats away at me. Not good. But I think blogging is great for me. I am able to vent...and it does help.

  5. Hey girl, I remember my therapist gave me an anger management book years ago while I was separated from a-hole ex. I had just found out he had gone "household" shopping with that woman he is now married to and came over to pick up Ian for something or other. Asked him if it was true, since we were still married and working on a reconciliation, I was anyway!!!! He told me that our daughter was mistaken, he said she saw the mop in the front seat...yea, little did that woman know later on....!! LOL Anyway, I asked him since when do mops come with blond wigs and dark sun glasses!!!! He still kept to his story until I saw the book on my bed stand and threw it at him...hit him in the cahonies!!! Now that what I call anger management!!

    Anyway, I think it's a great start to get all that stuff out...can't walk around with all that "stink" inside of you, my friend. Take care and know I'm always thinking about you and how you should be IN BED, for gawdsake!!

    Love ya and goats wheeze you kisses,

  6. Hi Linda. I think it's great that you have books on managing anger. I've learned that if I swallow, close my eyes, and then walk away for a few secs and then come back and confront the situation, I can better handle my anger. With age, we seem to learn life's lessons. I'm not reading anything right now. I was trying for 12 books for this year but lately I just haven't felt like reading. I am going to send for the book Eat,Pray, Love. In fact I'll do that today. Take care Linda and glad you include your Grandchildren in reading good books.


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