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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Because you all mean so much to me......

Hello my lovelies. This has been a heck of a week, what with trying to behave myself and be still and get well. I have gotten some more reading in, crafted with the grands (who are on the edge of hysteria about going back to school. One can't wait and the other vascillates between yes and no), watched my house "go to hell in a hand basket"....someone explain that one to me and be upset more than usual.

I dislike very much not being able to do as I please. This crude, alias pneumonia, should be getting better and maybe it is but I am just flat out exhausted and have not a bit of energy. I would say it is a general malaise (or a captain one at the very least). My schedule is off because SM is working until 1 am. My sleep is non existant, just the flops. I have enjoyed the kids this summer but am so ready to listen to the quiet. And those are the highlights.

After all this griping, you probably aren't paying attention to me now anyway but I will let you know that I have agreed to be a part of a survivors group blog and will be linking (I know you who know what a techno idiot I am, are laughing right now) with some lovely woman who also have had abuse in their "before" lives. The posting will be on Fridays and will rotate among the participants. I found this "opportunity", my word for 2010, on a wonderful blog, Chicks with Scars http://www.chickswithscars.com/ The links and thoughts and sharing have been invaluable to me and my recovery.

I thought I owed it to you, who are so dear to me, and have endured so much with me as I have shared my "stories", to let you know what to expect. It is my hope that by doing this, I can open a dialogue, spark hope or just allow someone else to feel "good or better" for a moment in time. This is for me as a human being, as well as others, who have been made to feel less than we really are.


  1. This is wonderful for you. You are going to find it very healing. I am happy for you my friend.

  2. Sounds very much like the crud I am just now beginning to get over. It was awful! You are right - sleep was non-existent for at least a week or so. I was seriously exhausted. Thankfully that has moved on. Will check you out over on CWS too. I have a feeling more women have them in some form, than care to admit to it.

  3. Beautiful, Linda. It takes a lot of strenght to move on and speak up about such √°inful experience, and you know it well. I'll be honored to follow this group with you.

    Kisses and much love. Do take care toheal asap.

    PS: Tell Grea there's no single night when Lucas doesn't say his spell before sleep, doesn't even need to read it, he just grabs the holder and tell from memory, it's sweet! :o)

  4. It's crappy that the crud still has you in its grip. Between that, the heat and the kids it's not surprising you are so fatigued so don't be hard on yourself.

    I hope becoming part of this new blogging group helps; certainly it will touch the lives of many.

  5. Sounds like a plan, my friend. I think it's a great idea for you to move on this. I'm reading this wonderful book for my book club titled, "Little Bee." There was one line, well several, but this one that reminded me of you, she's describing one of the inmates of this detention centre and observes the scars on her legs...I'm paraphrasing now, but it's something to the effect that scars don't form on the dead, just on the living, which is a sign of survival.

    Much love, life and take flight, my dearest buddy,

    Love ya and the goats send you many abrazos,

  6. Linda, do I feel out of touch, I did not know you had pneumonia, you need to rest, my Mil is in the hospital for the last week with it. I am glad you are on this new journey, will follow along with you. It takes strength to speak out and in so doing we get out of the crud. hugs to you my friend. feel better soon.


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