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Saturday, June 5, 2010

You are so very kind......as always

My posting yesterday was to let you all know that we have had a break through with Ry.

I was not trying to call attention to my "story" only using it as an illustration. I am quite content with where I am in my recovery. My abuser is dead and gone and so are the ugly feelings that I used to carry around inside of me.

In the scheme of things, my grandson's recovery is all I can focus upon. Hard for him but worth it because he will not suffer into adulthood without knowledge. Ry has many other difficulties but everyday he is coming closer and closer to finding control for his young life. Our goal this summer is to help him not to be afraid....of bugs, of loud noises, of hands, of looks, of unseen enemies. He is so bright, talented and has a kick ass sense of humor. He can focus so much easier on tasks and is thrilled with his own accomplisments. He is certainly finding his place in this very complicated world.....albeit sheltered right now. He even has developed a bit of a swagger. Too funny and warm and wonderful. Protected and encouraged.

Love people, unconditional, uncomplicated, unfettered love.....thanks lovelies, you da bestest.


  1. Here's wishes for his continued recovery. It's very difficult!

  2. Ry is an amazing child, you are so very lucky to have him. Here's to his continued success.

  3. Can you help me get over my fear of bugs!!?? We've already discussed this in our personal correspondence and you know that I've got your back on all of it. That sweet child...just burns me up...Ry is one very lucky little guy and you keep protecting him...even my almost 25 year old needs lots of that, especially now with so many ugly temptations and goings-on...they will need us now and in the beyond.

    Love ya,

  4. Sending all my love to your sweet Ry, Linda. And some more for you.


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