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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nydia's question answered and more

It was my pleasure to have had my first give away and send out prizes to the four winners. One of the winner is (as so many of you already know) a sweet lady who lives in Brazil named Nydia of Bringing up Salamanders. The mail takes a little longer to get to Brazil and so yesterday I found out that the prize had arrived for her on Yule eve....how fitting. My granddaughter had written a letter to Nydia's son Lucas about being worried and how she understood what that felt like.

We have for months been working with her with journaling and focused breathing to calm her and give her a way of controlling her own anxiety. So when GK heard that Lucas was having the same difficulty she decided, this is too cute, because she was older and was already a big sister to a 6 year old boy that she could help with the worry problem. Nothing like helping someone else to help yourself.

She wrote him a chant or spell to help him rest at night. She has problems with that too. I do too. When I lay down, the worries of the day grow legs and dance around and on me. GK says hers fly around her head and make it hurt. Can you tell we're big on visualization? She also helped me make a spell holder, with a wish box included.

Anyway Nydia said that Lucas was excited to have a big sister in the US and that he says his spell every night. Nydia translated it because Lucas does not speak or read English. GereaKaye has decided to write to Lucas regularly and let him know how she is doing with her worry problems and Lucas is dictating to his Mom and in the end a transcontinental friendship has begun. I find all of this heart warming. A bit of a side note, GK has a friend she corresponds with in Portugal, her own age with a 6 year old brother as well. The kids are grandchildren of a friend here in Albuq. and so we get to see them some. Maybe someday all of these kids will visit with one another. That would be wonderful.

Nydia asked how to pronounce GK's name and if it had a meaning...so...
Gerea is pronouned like Sarah with a g like in the word good. She is so named because she was to have been a boy, according to the Dr's in Mississippi. When Shelley had an untrasound 5 weeks before delivery....a girl. We figure it was the construction mess she had to drive through in Oklahoma City on her move home..all the bumps and something musta fallen off. tee hee.
Her name was to be Gerrod, gaelic for strong warrior. Shelley had been talking to the baby and calling him/her Gerrod, so she did want to have another sound to the name. First time Mommy's.....who's gonna argue with them, so we played around until we found a feminized version we liked.

SM had been calling her "GK" for grandkid for months so that's where the Kaye came from. Little did we know that Gerea is very close to the word in spanish for war. And sometimes when I say her name to spanish speaking people they asked me why I would have named (because I did) such a sweet, pretty little girl war...they didn't know the little troll when she was a baby. That kid cried all the bloody time for the first 4 months. The only exception was if I would take her for a ride in the car....goodness help us when we had a red light. I am sure people thought I was killing her.....and sometimes......Maybe not war but pretty darn close to chaos.

So Nydia, there's the long of it. I am so happy that Lucas is finding magkic in GK's hope and wishes for him. Life is so good.

And here is a peek at Ms. Chaos as the white princess not queen.


  1. Lovely post. That is so great that GK is making friends across the globe. She is absolutely adorable in her outfit as the princess.

  2. Beautiful white princess...yes, life is good...

  3. Oh, I love the pic of GK...how adorable. Maybe she can also send me a spell or chant not to worry...I could use it!! LOL

    LOve ya,

  4. I always wondered how GK's name was pronounced too and was thankful I never had to say it out loud for fear of butchering it! ;)

    What a positively stunning white princess your war has turned out to be! I wish I had such a fancy costume to wear at my tea party. I went stripey, as you'll see soon enough!

  5. A beautiful princess, and wonderful name!

    I adore Nydia, and am glad Lucas has a new pen-pal/sister!

  6. I'm so glad Nydia was curious, because now my curiosity has been assuaged as well. Fun story about her naming, but the best part was her thoughtful and sweet effort to help a little friend. It might be tough having three generations in one house for the moment, but oh what an education and grounding those two grandkids are getting from you!

    word vert: falmidor. There are worse names than Gerea--like Falmidor.

  7. Oh, Linda what perfect timing! I just posted on my blog about your parcel and Gerea's spell with photos! We have some crazy holidays tomorrow and Monday (Brazil games) and on Tuesday (St. Peter's Day, Petropolis' patron), so Lucas letter will go on Wednesday, let Gerea know. He's really all happy with his new friendship and to have a big sister!
    I love the story behind her beautiful name! So now I can tell Lucas how to pronounce it - I understand the others's concern afraid of being impolite of asking this, but how would we know, without asking? :o)

    Lucas doesn't fail and since the Solstice is reading his spell before sleeping. He's sound asleep right now, btw.

  8. PS: She looks terrific as the White Princess! Of course my litle witch will have to see it tomorrow! :o)

  9. What a cute princess she is. I love the encouragement of writing around the globe, she sounds so very caring, I think you set a fine example, from your friend in Canada.

  10. So cute in her little outfit! What on earth would a 10 year old sweet thing like that have to worry and fret about? I hope all her family gets a chance to see how pretty she looks in her dress. Fun times! Makes me wish I had little ones to enjoy during fun festivities like that!


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