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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I went to the craft store yesterday afternoon. Mainly because I needed a breather from the grands. Goodness, you don't realize how much attention they demand until you have a couple of minutes to yourself and then it's like.........what is that sound....oh yeah, quiet. Whew.

I needed to find a matting of some sort for my Goddess picture that I won from Danni at The Whimsical Cottage. I feel I have neglected her far too long. So off I went on a color scavanger hunt. You know how the right color makes the whole print just seem to settle in the frame and the wrong color just keeps you eyes moving all around?????????? Or maybe it's another one of my insanities. I just know that it has to be like baby bear's chair.........just right. I must have tried every fabric, ribbon, matting in the store. Then the light bulb went on and I went to the scrap book paper aisle and sure enough there were two blues that could work and so I was through with my quest.

As I was rounding the crap crafting aisles...my and Gerea's fav area of the store...I almost screamed when I saw....well I had to stand still for a moment to take it all in. Christmas has already thrown up at Hobby Lobby. I swear to Aunt Hannah that those greedy bastards have 4th of July, next to Harvest crap and damnable Christmas crap and if I am not mistaken it is only a little past half June. WTH. This now means I can't go back until New Year's. I'm not kidding it makes me ill.

Sure I know that some folks like to get a head start on crafting for the holidays but Judas Priest. I have been tempted to put a wreath with everything on it at my gate for all year and count it as done. I am in a snit...snit I tell you. Used to when Halloween wasn't finished and they began to put out the Christmas crap, I'd get annoyed. And then when 4th of July was 75% off and they began to put the Baby Jesus next to the Great Pumpkin, I got mad, but this?

You have no idea what I wanted to do with the bottle rocket cardboard cut outs and the snowman they had displayed..............come damn on. And this is coming to you from a dyed in the wool holiday aholic, but the only idiot my Mom raised is my sister and she lives in the flood plain and ain't got no good sense, I know about white shoes and Memorial Day and when to put out the lawn decorations for goodness sake. Jezzzzzzzz Louise.

Hobby Lobby is the devil.


  1. that is hard to believe....crappy at the best of times....insulting really

  2. I agree with everything you said - it's sheer GREED - these stupid managers wanting to push and market and I think all they're doing is make people not want to go there. I'm not in the mood of seeing Christmas stuff and I LOVE Christmas, but I also love waiting for it and having something special to look forward to...like you say, let's just get a wreath with everything on it and put a orange finger pointing to the appropriate holiday - it's so STUPID, I tell you...I think this rushing bit the stores are doing - and I know it's not just Hobby Lobby - is going to backfire on them big time. People are tired of being rushed and fed that crap...wonder what seminar they went to to come up with that tired marketing strategy...hey, we're all hurting - we are all spending less, so the stores will just have to suffer right along with us. If the wallet is empty you can't be pushed or tricked into buying more because it ain't there, people...everything else is just IRRITATING!

  3. Hon, they are mental over there. I told you about the pumpkins and gourds, but I had no idea they'd actually try Xmas. I noticed they were putting together a dancing Santa in the warehouse at Walmart yesterday so hold on to your hat (or Christmas beanie).

    Interestingly, the "holiday stores" don't bother me at all. The ones with all the holidays all year round. They had a cool one in Tucson and in DC. Maybe HL ought to just reframe themselves as holiday-year-round and then people's minds won't get blown.

  4. p.s. Same here, if it's an all year round Christmas store, it's another story because that's their business - 365 Days of Christmas, but one isn't shocked when seeing Christmas stuff there - I love those stores! Macy's had one in the Orange Mall in California and I loved going there for their reduced after Christmas ornament sales. They had some very pricey (albeit beautiful) ornaments in that Macy's Christmas store.

  5. I'm with you, sheer madness! We didn't even have a decent Spring and Summer has just barely started, what is there rush!

  6. LOL...hope you are feeling better after your rant...there ought to be a law that says only two weeks before the holiday can the stores advertise stuff...

  7. Whaaaat? No. That means my Hobby Lobby is probably starting to look a bit like Christmas too. Ugggggh.

    I get pissed enough when I wander in the stores the first week of October and all Halloween stuff is 75% off and mostly gone so they can make room for the Christmas crap. I think my head would explode if I walked into a store and saw plastic snowmen and santa crafts in mid June.

  8. Greedy market! It's never too early for them! But you made me laugh while reading... At least here everything is still about the World Cup. Let's see when it's over...

    Can't wait to see what you came up with for the Gooddess print!

    Kisses and love from us.

    PS: Lucas keep reading his spell everynight and talking about Gerea (how do I pronounce her cute name, does it have a meaning?)


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