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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gone from here for awhile but......................

This is one of those....gotta get my shitee all in one pile kinda things. I will continue to post here as the insanity dictates, but I am doing the telling tales thing at http://lindaomasoldebaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com/

I don't think some of you knew I had another normal people blog, well maybe that's stretching it a bit, normal and all.

I also have an art display site which I am in process on. I am doing mermaid environments and other mermaidish thingies so if ya want to take a look.....

And I also will have my etsy shop up and running on Wednesday of this week at http://omalinda.etsy.com/


  1. Wow what a busy gal, I will have to check these out later on today wheen I have more time, glad you are well.

  2. Marking to check back later, just stopped to peek in to see what was going on.

  3. ~i have been DENIED access to your mermaid blog... : ( i am so happy for you and your motivation to get back into creating...wishing you a prosperous adventure with etsy...i started an account...now just need to follow thru and get stuff on there...brightest blessings~

  4. How many friggin' blogs you got girl????? You have been busy!! STill here and waiting...hate the waiting, but oh well, not keeping me from getting into trouble...can't help that. Love your merpeople...would still love to have a mermaid costume, but I'd look like a beluga whale stuffed into a fish sausage!!!!

    Love ya and lest we not forget, B&G,


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