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Monday, February 22, 2010

And the winner is......................

Thanks for all your wonderful positive energy and well wishes. We are, I hope, a little closer to closure for Ms. GK on her journey. The counselor will use the imformation she gleened and we will all hope for the best.

We are all on round 3 of this butt kicking crud that has infiltrated our ranks. GK and Shelley have it the worst but Sweet Man is pulling up on the outside lane with a wickedly horrible cough and sputtering. I AM SICK OF BEING SICK.

Today proved harder to get through than I had anticipated. My breathing capacity is still low, so it was a big workout for me. We took Ms. Willow, alias Fat Elvis to yet another vet to see if we could get more concrete answers. Nope. Just more medication for her ears. Hope this will get rid of the foul smell and the pain she is in. Fat Elvis has now gained 32 pounds since going on her phenobarbital. She isn't eating any more than she was before but is not "utilizing her food" as well. Yeah, that's my problem too. She sleeps most of the time. So no movement means no calorie burning. I get it.

I must say that I do like this vet. She was very kind, her staff was friendly and didn't act like I had brought a beast from the netherworld to shed on them. You can't believe how some folks react to a large huge dog. If she was a kick me dog, or I could carry her in a purse I'd have it made, but since she out weighs most of the vet techs they can be sorta weird around her. But these gals were all ooohing and ahhhing over her, took a picture, loved her slobbery old sweet face and she just ate it up. Willow was in doggy heaven. She loves to love people and did her best to leave a hair blessing for all. Yep, Fat Elvis had her day and basked in the limelight right up until the moment they wanted to swab her ear for a culture....then she was a whiney baby trying to climb in my lap. When we left the vet's office I looked like I had been mohaired.....sorta like wool felted. My poor doggy girl. I sure hope this medication works on the suspected infection. If not then it is probably a brain tumor. But that is a worry I can't face until I have to face it.

The best part of the vet visit was upon exiting the exam room there was a tall man with a Chihuahua in the waiting room and he said "oh my god, you have to be kidding". His dog on the other hand was saying....."bring it on". Sorry, Willow couldn't bring it if she really had too. She is a lover not a fighter but this little dog wasn't having any quitters go past him. Growl, lunge, snarl, snip. And Willow turned to discuss this with him and he peeeeeeeeed all over his owner. LMAO. In this case, big girl dogs rule and drool.


  1. Willow sounds like a really special dog. And I would have really enjoyed that little carrying on like that. The little dogs all act like they are so big and brave, don't they? Sorry to hear you guys are still under the weather. It's awful when you can't breath. Feel better and give the big girl a hug for me.

  2. Oh my Linda, what kind of dog is she. I hope the ear infection gets better soon. take care, I will be here when you get back.

  3. Funny story, tell Willow to get better and that goes for you too. I started coughing yesterday also, it is a dry, barky kind of cough and no other symptoms besides a brutal headache. I so thought I had escaped the crud.

  4. I apologize, since I have the two blogs, even I get confused what I have said where. Cinner, my doggy darling is a white faced, 166 lb. Saint Bernard. She is a love.
    Marlene, I am sorry you have cough, don't give in to the darkside.....don't say crud out loud and maybe it will go away.
    Mary, You have given me a thought for a story that I had forgotten....I shall post it on my other....hp://lindaomasoldbaggsnstuftshirts.blogspot.com


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