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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please slap me..........

I never expected this. Not in my wildest dreams. I have a wonderful friend, who if I mentioned her name would put a contract out on my life. Out of the goodness of her heart, has helped me to figure out a way to keep my Willow.

I didn't mention in my other post on Olde Baggs but alluded to the fact that we were strapped. Oh hell, we're just plain ass broke. The kids moving in has .....well  busted us at the seams. Willow's meds, all the test she needs and upkeep were going to be a problem, like we couldn't do it anymore. I asked my friend to help me find a place for my baby Saint in hopes that I could let her live out her life with someone else but at least get the kind of care she deserves. My friend is well connected in the animal rescue arena here in ABQ.

Well, we brainstormed and wrote down all the pros and cons of the situation. Listed possibilities and came up with a plan. Her husband has a huge collection of baseball cards, sports memorabilia that he has "said" he would sell for years now. Her father just passed away 2 weeks ago and she is to liquidate his estate. She has friends who have collectibles that they would like to sell but not in a garage sale venue. I don't have a vehicle to get to the garage sales and thrift stores to supply my Ebay store so.............an idea is now a plan. I couldn't think my way out of a paper bag for worrying over the money, the time, the dog, the house, the cooking and still have time to do my creating and take care of the kids.

My friend who is a very successful business woman has taken my brain and wrung it out to dry and provided me with the encouragement, support and courage to make my life better and help others sell what they have and in turn make them money as well.

I felt so good today that I worked on 6 more Merlady creations and didn't even stop to get dressed. Oops. Sweet Man came home and was so pleased that I had done something I wanted to do, that the dog has been spell free today, and that I have a smile on my face. Who woulda thunked it.

I owe my friend so much love and respect for seeing me drowning and not being afraid to slap me around enough to see the light of day. How I ever thought I could go a day without the drooly love of my girl is beyond my thought processes now.


  1. What wonderful news!!! There are so many good people out there. You have a very special friend. And I am so glad that she is going to help you with Willow.

  2. That is true friendship Linda. Sometimes it can be so hard when we try to do it alone, I am glad all will be better. game plans are always good. take care, your in my prayers.

  3. Praise all that is holy. This is great news and I am very happy for you!

  4. Great news. Isn't it wonderful to have girlfriends.

  5. So happy to hear you have a plan to keep Willow, where would we all be without friends?

  6. I'm so happy to hear that. It's good to have friends that just kick you in the butt when you need it. You are blessed with such a friend. Hang in there, hon, you're going to make it.

    Love ya mucho, B&G,


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