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Friday, November 20, 2015

The "New" adventures of Ms. Baggs and friends, or The Visit.............

It has been such a very long time since Ms. Baggs made plans for a new house, shopped for the "just right" materials for her new home. Frankly, she had sort of given up. I bought her a new townhouse, but it just didn't suit her. We began making vintage boxes into rooms and setting them together, but alas that wasn't right either.

She is a picky Olde Bagg. And nothing that was begun was going to suit her. So off she went on one of her adventurings and I hadn't seen her for months. No letters, no visits in the fireplace (flue powder you know) and mostly no Ms. Baggs and her lovely presence. It was rather lonely her at the Casa and also quite uneventful without her spark and verve.

Then just before Halloween, she flew in and settled in the Halloween House and told me that she would have a secret arriving in the next month or so. My interest and curiosity was peaked. After all, we're talking about Ms. Baggs here. The witch who went off to help pixie's deliver their twins, which by the way turned out to be triplets, at the drop of a hat and came back with another roommate. A mouse of fine character but little brain. We've kept him busy helping with the ongoing clean up of unnecessary stuff and junk here at the Casa whilst Ms. Baggs galavanted, goodness knows where.

We've found Mervin Mettleton, wondering all over the house and he never really seems to know what he's doing. Do have to be careful that he doesn't get into a kafuffle with Chandler Linx, our new cat. They are quite contrary with one another and I've found them scuffling in the hallway more than once.

So all in all Ms. Baggs, as usual, left me with a bit of a mess to manage. But that was prior to Halloween so it's ancient history now.

We've all been waiting with anticipation and some trepidation on my part, I must say. Goodness knows what she will bring into the Casa. I got a note from a friend, Ms. April, who has the Angry Gnome and Company living at her home, a couple of weeks ago. Seems that Ms. Baggs had been visiting with the Witch Sisters and had come to some sort of a deal with them. You remember the Witch Sisters and their lovely home, Stump House? Well if not, here are a few pictures, thanks to Ms. April, into the wonderfulness of those lovely ladies. But I've wandered again, haven't I?

Ms. April told me that the Witch Sisters had given her notice that they were moving somewhere out of state and that they would keep in touch. Well I tell you here and now, while they are lovely witches of the highest order, their cheek to just up and leave Arkansas has put me off, a little. Ms. April has been so very kind to take them in and built them Stump House from beginning to end. What will become of Stump House? Who is going to tend the house and why would the Witch sister's be in cahoots with Ms. Baggs on this matter?

I asked Ms. Baggs herself about what was going to happen next but of course she was too busy making plans with Mervin Mettleton to give me a proper answer.

Last night about 5:15 pm, one of Federal Express's finest rang the bell and brought in the biggest box I have ever gotten in the post and had Sweet Man sign for it. It was marked to Ms. Baggs c/o Casa de Cuckoo and weighed a ton. So here we were with a something of import and Ms. Baggs had just popped out to the market.

It took Sweet Man and GK to move this monster box from Ms. April into the house. I can hardly wait to see what's inside.

I suppose I will have to wait until she pops back in from the market (in Bombay) to see what manner of mischief is afoot. It is frightfully hard not to peek and see what's inside this huge box. And I think I hear rattling about coming from inside the enormity. I hope she hasn't brought all of Mervin's family here to live. I can't abide the skittering of mice.

Wish us luck lovelies, I'm sure we are going to need it.


  1. Ooooooooo, I predict that Ms Baggs will soon be living in a transported Stump House! But with whom?

  2. Seriously! Your leaving me hanging on every Word!
    Is it ticking? I must know! My nerves are shot!
    Fine.....back on the edge I go!

  3. Oh boy! I can't wait to find out what's in the box!

  4. Oh! I do so love surprises, but waiting, not so much. I hope Ms. Baggs appreciates your courtesy and opens the box post-haste upon her return! Hopefully it won't "open itself" (wink) in the meantime... that has been known to happen, you know.

  5. Oh For goodness sake!!! Good thing there is MAGIC inside that box..otherwise, waiting for Ms. Baggs to return from Bombay might have been Fatal!!! I don't want to spoil the surprise, so all I can say is Put the kettle on and clear out a HUGE Space, and you DO like Spells, right??

  6. Oh, I am so excited!!! I just read what April wrote! I can't wait! No problems about the acorns Oma Linda! They are not late! They will arrive when they are suppose to arrive :) Big Hugs!

  7. I can see the Stump House all decked out and full of souvenirs! Yes, I can. ;-D

  8. Now I must get caught up in this delightful story - and what is in the box?

  9. OH - you are leaving us hanging? How can you NOT open that mysterious and HUGE box?!?!?!?

  10. THE BOX OMA!!! What's in that HUGE box???? Haha, love this, I think it would be a fun picture book for kids, the witch sisters giving notice, where will they go, so many questions, so much fun, BUT WHAT'S IN THAT BOX YOU HAVE? I await the opening :)


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