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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just in time for Winter Solstice...........

Hello my friends. Ms. Baggs here.

I just arrived back at Casa de Cuckoo last evening. What an exciting time I've had in the last month. The birthing of the sprites was simply delightful. Both parents, siblings and all the tribe were in attendance. It was quite the celebration and life affirming experience. I don't know if you know this but sprites are born mid air. That is if they are Aire sprites, water sprites are quite a different matter.

 I've hardly had time to catch my breath thus far but I did think it was only proper that I let each of you know that I have arrived safely back at Halloween House and am looking forward to celebrating Solstice with the Cuckoos.

Preparations are all in place and I feel a bit of a slacker for not having helped at all. The Gnomes have, as usual, made themselves very welcome here and are on display as indicated in these photos. Gnoma Linda always let them put on their little plays and act out gnome life this time of year. And this years gnome and elf tree is a pip. Larger than I remember it from years past but honestly, I don't see how all the magickal and fun ornaments would fit on a smaller tree.

Ornaments from everywhere, Germany, Australia, the wildes of Arkansas, South Carolina fixin's, Sweden and Cuba as well as some well loved oldies from Gnoma Linda's childhood. And of course loads of mushrooms and magickal beings.

my goodness the Cuckettes when they were but fledglings 

And as if the excitement of the return of the Sun wasn't enough to celebrate, my old pal The Angry Gnome has sent me such a stunning and brilliant Solstice gift. I am the proud caretaker of a Slimton Pink Dragon. I know right? I had no idea that they were again exporting these rare dragons. Just imagine my delight when I saw this note from Ms. April and The Angry Gnome. Oh stars, imagine, I get to be an attendee to a firing of a Pink, that is if she hasn't flamed yet.

Can you imagine? Getting to watch a flaming of a pink may happen once in a hundred years or so. Give or take. I most certainly will share that event with you when it occurs, if it occurs. Oh bother, who cares. I am a trainer to a Slimton Pink and couldn't be any more pleased. Did you see that Ms. April also provided the traditional jar of wishes so that the Slimton Pink can begin her training in wish giving as well. I'm over the moon. What a delightful and wonderful gift at Winter Solstice.

I do hope that you have a pleasant Solstice and welcome back the Sun in your own way. And I'll be back to tell you more of the details of the birthing of the sprites, tell you of my travels to the land of the fae, show you photos of my adventures and also introduce you to my dragon.

Stay well my friends.
Aurealia Baggs


  1. Your decorations are beautiful.

    Love that dragon, too.

  2. I love all the spirit and enthusiasm you bring to the Holidays. Take care and watch out for that pink dragon.

  3. So much fun ;o) I am doing my happy dance ;o) Love all the decorations and I love the pink dragon ;o) Welcome back Aurealia Baggs ;o) Big Hugs and Happy Winter Solstice ;o)

  4. HAHHAHAHHA!!! The Fledgling Cuckettes made me laugh- SO Darn Cute!! I see my worries were for naught...Ms. Baggs has already taken control of the Slimton Pink, and I know the Dragon is in expert hands. As far as Wishes, please tell the Pink to work on granting the Merriest of Holidays to the Cuckoos. And we are sending ALL our love your way!!! XXOXOOXOXOOXOXOO, April and The Angry Gnome.

  5. You have your very own Dragon! I am envious !!
    Deck those Halls will Love and Joy! xoDebi


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