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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Room by room they made their way through Halloween House............ Part 1

There is so much to see in the 4 rooms of Ms. Baggs home that we decided to take you on a tour through each one separately.

There are some details that I would like to impart to you before beginning our tour. First are the list of contributors and artists who inspired us to take on the magick here at Halloween House.

My lovely English living in Wales friend Cee of Oberon's Wood sent me a "care" package of love two years ago and I swore at the time I would make her proud someday by using all the lovely bits of teeny candies, treat bags, witchy elements and copies of her "Little Witches" artwork. Hope you like what I've done with them you great woodland elf.

My fellow spellweaver, Nichola Battilana of Pixie Hill, has inspired me with her magickal artwork and I purchased potion labels and book covers from Alpha Stamps where Knickertwist is an artist of renown and esteem. Ms. Nichola even agreed to be part of the story line to come with a copy of her Tiny Book "Fairy Magic".

My crazy, wonderful, creative and oh so clever friend April, The Angry Gnome, who has through the years of knowing her starting with a Bedbug and her antics with papier mache, has not only inspired me to "just go for it" but also provided Ms. Baggs new beau and our trick or treater mouse.

These wonderful artists and others have brought me to my newest and most fun "ta-da". Thanks lovelies.

Without further ado, here is the upstairs storage room where Ms. Baggs hasn't even finished unpacking her huge travel trunk from her adventure in the Fae World. There is a Krampus in a cage, a night creature of some sort in a hat box and just some of the many clippings that Aurelia Baggs has amassed in her search for all things witchy and magickal. Ms. Baggs is just like me, a tad bit messy leaving all the trick or treat bags scattered as she searches for just the right Halloween decoration and doesn't mind a mess in order to create.

There are 3 more rooms and a 3 part story to come..........thanks for dropping by at Halloween House.


  1. You have seen us all drool over the Poe museum tiny house! well this is amazing as well! Oma Patience is your new nickname! xoDebi

  2. Your posts are a marvelous alternative to the violence and coarseness of the world. Coming here is like taking a small vacation from reality.

  3. And about bloody time too! he he he he he :o)
    I cannot wait to see the rest, it looks like you have been having great fun playing with all of your little bits and bobs :o)
    Love the messy attic...although you should come and see mine someday!
    Do you need any more stuff my sweetie?
    Just say the word...
    Love to my Lindy :o)

  4. This house is becoming an absolute treasure! I used to build & furnish doll houses in a previous life (way back in the hippy-dippy 70's) and wish I'd done something like this. Kiddo, you are so dang talented! What scale is this house? I might have something to contribute to the cause. Talk soon. S&S

  5. Aww very cute. You're so creative.

  6. OH MY but this is FABULOUS!!!!! I am mesmerized by all the special teeny goodies, and I want to see more and more and more! I think you might notice, by many of these comments, that we are all itching to be a part of the fun. I think we want to Contribute to the magic!! I am going to travel to Stump Hollow this weekend and ask the Witch Sisters if they have anything unique to send to Ms. Baggs. Love that caged Krampus, by the way. Hugs and Kisses, The Angry Gnome.

  7. So awesome... I love all the eensie teensies. Great job!

  8. Would you please ask Ms. Baggs if I can move in with her? I could sleep on that comfy chair... with a book. ;-)

  9. Oma Linda, I don't know what to say??? I am smiling so much! I am going to have sweet dreams tonight! This is so special!!!! Love you! xoxoxoo

  10. How amazing! I'm in awe of your work!


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