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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A giveaway for Ms. Magaly's fun event, Witches in Fiction


I just knew I was going to have to craft something witchy, wonderful and fun for my special friends Oct 17 event and since I was already playing in miniature, I put together what every good (or bad, depending) witch needs.....a Witch's Craft Closet. Oops, almost a craft with the words, eh?

Scrolls, potions, spellbooks, Krampus, skull, magic mushrooms, crystals, pumpkins, Ouija board and even a trick or treat bag gussied up for you. All this stored in a casket shaped cupboard can be yours if you go to Ms. Magaly's giveaway page here and leave a comment. Lots more chances to win if you play along with her fun suggestions.

Join us on October 17 as we present entertainment in all shapes and forms. I believe Ms. Baggs has something to confess.

If you would like to enter to win this Witch's Craft Closet visit Ms. Magaly's blog Pagan Culture or Magaly's facebook page here or click on the party icon on the right hand side of this blog to go to the party info.

Good Luck, wickedy darlings...............


  1. I would SO! love to win this! Detail Perfection! Thank you! so much !! xoDebi

  2. These is so adorable. In a larger size I may even be scared!

    I follow Pagan's Culture but do not tweet or face book. I fear I have little chance of winning.

  3. Oh oh! Has Mrs Baggs buried something in the basement or is there something weird and tasty she is cooking up for Halloween from one of her spell books on her shelves? Oh Oma, can't wait to find out what the old home lover has to confess :) This is yet another amazing creation Oma, I think I may be partial to a little of the unicorn horn to add to my muesli of a morning, love me a unicorn :)

  4. What an amazing creation! You are very talented!

  5. Your posts are always so colorful and festive.

  6. The detail is absolutely amazing. Like a little world all done in miniature. I'm not able to join the giveaway, but I had to comment on this. Such talent! Good luck to those who do enter!

  7. It is an amazing coffin cabinet, as are all your Halloween miniatures!

  8. You are amazing!!! Wow lady! You really out did yourself! I have to go visit Magaly ;o) oxooxxo

  9. How can you bear to part with this?! I'm so fascinated with all the teeny, weeny details.. great job, Oma and Crew!


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