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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wearable Wednesday Aug. 7...Hellen Heels reports on.Fae World Fashion Week

The air was electric as the models glided over the runway at the FaeWorld Fashion Week. There were three designers showing this week, Gustavo Bellini, a familiar face at the show with what this reporter would say is the old school approach, Miss Lavender Lockes, a rather newish addition to the role call of designers who this year hit a no rather than a go with her "borrowed looks" and a new comer to the fashion stage and the focus of this report....KAB. Now this designer has a flair with color, pattern and she is a very outside the box thinker.

This reporter was unable to get any full length pictures of the designs from The Winterberry Fairy collection but I was allowed to use the designers head shots of the models in their gorgeous creations. I do want to thank Karen Anne Brady for her lovely contribution to this reporters first ever fashion column here at Ye Olde Crones Gazette.

First we have: Hummingbird Protectoress. I love how the KAB has used coronet, flowers, feathers and color to bring out the detail of the piece. I only wish you could have seen the amazing detail on the long line of the dress which ended in a train that matched the stunning head piece. And the shoes, the most gorgeous shade of hummingbird blue I have ever seen. Envy reigns over this piece of art.

Next above the runway was: Bunny Love. This brightly woven and beflowered head piece had a Native American design element as did the short squaw dress and moccasins beaded with pearls and semi precious stones. Loved it.

The next to follow was: Mystic. Like all the Winterberry Fairy collection this head piece was stunning. This time KAB used Grecian flair with lots of swirls and an off the shoulder long dress with a bit of a puddle train. The shoes were demur flats with just a touch of sparkle. Perfection.

Next above the runway was: Cleopatra. This design has been done by other designers but never with the flair and panache that KAB accomplished with the total diva look of this outfit. From the woven and plumed head piece to the pleated gown and on to the turned up toe golden shoes, this design rocked the runway.

The next design was: She Who Loves Yellow Flowers. This all over color scheme has such power and punch. From the lovely yellow roses to the yellow on yellow effect of the zentangled gown to the yellow spiked heels with tiny yellow roses painted up the heels this modern edgy piece is a winner.

And our last and this reporter's favorite look: Rainbow Guardian. This design is like a party. The head piece is so enchanting and extends almost to the models waist. The flapper style dress itself is so much like the headdress it is hard to tell where one ends or begins. And the shoes are a flame red wedgies and match the color of the design exactly. There are hearts in the heels, very similar to the stars in my own fave pair of heels.

The fashion week spirit and fun was more than this reporter could have dreamed of for a first assignment. KAB was a doll to work with and I am so happy that I was able to show you her work. If you are interested in any of her art pieces please go by Ireland Brady and tell her that Helen Heels sent you.

Until next week, keep your chic showing. Tah.


  1. Not everyone can pull this off, I mean, the elegant head gear. I just put on my straw hat and that's it for style. But wow, I would love a pair of those striped stockings!

  2. Fae Fashion week sounds like an amazingly colorful and fun experience! This girl is sad that she couldn't attend but is thankful that steadfast reporters such as yourself have shared some of the glamor and excitement!

    My favorite look of the lot is "Mystic". I think maybe there's some Grecian shopping in this girl's future!

  3. I'm not qualified to comment on fashion, but I do like the nice illustrations. Take care.

  4. I love all of her work, Mystic is my favorite.

    Um... I want those socks!

  5. Oh My Goodness These fashion Styles are AMAZING, ENCHANTING!!!!! I had such fun picking a favorite. I think it must be Hummingbird Protectoress! Wouldn't I look Dazzling going out to our feeder dressed like this beauty? But all the designs are so detailed, so Stunning. I was a bit concerned HOW to wash them but then I recalled Ms. Baggs laundry tips and my qualms melted away. I can't WAIT to see what will be next from Helen Heels... SO Exciting!

  6. Karen Anne Brady Rocks!! I love her fashion on her fabulous ladies! Great report Helen Heels ;o) Hugs ;o)


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