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Monday, April 1, 2013

Splendor House.......the dream

This posting is suited for mature audiences only. It may contain a story line that could make you uncomfortable. I hope that won't dissuade you from continuing but if you are faint of heart, or lean toward the prudish, then please do not proceed.
Chapter 1

There was a mass of  cups, plates, glasses, cigarette butts and beer bottles everywhere you looked in the crowded parlor of the old Victorian style parlor of the boarding house run by Ms. Eleanor Firth. Too many worn out overstuffed chairs, dying houseplants and many too many stains and burns were the result of the neglect on a daily basis in this run down brownstone, and last night's blow out multiplied the wear and tear by 300%.

Penny Robel woke to the sunlight streaming into her 2nd floor flat and sat up slowly. Had last night really happened?. For that matter what exactly had she brought into her bedroom this time? By the look of her room, she knew the answer. She had lapsed into another one of her drunken sex driven dives into the very core of her insatiable lust. She felt his ultra hairy leg before she even turned to look at what or who was still in her bed.

She peeled herself from the soiled sheets and slipped her feet out onto the cold wooden floor, made her way to the bathroom trying not to wake whatever his name was.

As she closed the squeaky door and heard the latch shut she felt the same rush of disgust and fear flow through her body and down her legs. "What the hell had she done this time?" And what would be the payment for this little burst of sexual playtime. Last time she had awakened like this with a stranger, it took 31 stitches and a lot of explaining to Ms. Firth about the shambles that were left in Penny's room.

She wasn't just a sex junkie, she was a blackout drunk and the combination of those two things usually left a mark and another mea culpa if not payment for damages. Missionary position moan and groan sex with the obligatory sigh were not her forte. She was a freak and a mean ass drunk. She loved sex and the rougher the better.

She had to pay for medical bills for the last guy she "lured" home. They had enjoyed each other with three stops on the way home before they hit the front door to the brownstone. He hadn't expected for her to bite quite as hard or as viciously as she did. But what he really hadn't expected was that she would not only throw out his back, but almost wrench his hips out of the socket. And for that little romp, she was still making payment to the doctor.

And now there was the matter of whoever he was in her bed in the next room. She wondered what had transpired the night before. Her pounding head gave her no idea. Her still aching crotch did however.

She took a shower, put on her bathrobe and returned to the scene of the crime.

To her amazement, she was alone. Some of the overturned furniture was right side up and there was a hand written note on her dresser.

She picked up the paper and in terrible handwriting it read, "oh my gawd, you are amazing. As soon as I recover, I'll call you."

That was it. No name. She hadn't looked at his face. She had not a clue who had been in her bed last night. She only knew he had obviously enjoyed himself.

And like so many times before, she set herself straight to cleaning up the mess she had made, got dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast or whatever meal the rest of the boarding house was partaking in. She heard the dishes rattling and smelled something good to eat wafting up the staircase as she descended.

Just as she came to the main floor landing, she was met with the sight of the mess that sprawled out before her in the parlor and then Penny woke up. Only this time she wasn't where she had awakened in her dream.


  1. Oooh...Oma Linda, I'm hooked! I can't wait to see what happens next to Penny, and I'm positively buzzing with excitement imagining what fabulously furry, fanged creature she brought home.

  2. You've got my rapt attention!!
    I'll stay tuned for sure.

  3. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you had me at adult content.

    Whew! Hot stuff!

  4. "She was a freak and a mean ass drunk." What an amazing line. I see her... and at the end of the story, I feel her anxiety. I can't wait to find out where exactly she is!

    You threw the bate, and I'm hooked up to gills.

  5. Great imagery, I could really see the Parlor and I can't wait to see what happens next!

    the Glitter Tart

  6. Oma!!!!!
    You tantalising tease... you are a master of tale foreplay and leave me and all who read your story under the power of this opening snippet spell... Your magic is strong and we surrender to your awesomeness...
    Now, don't worry about going off partying girl, just give us more of this story :) I shall be back!!!

  7. More!!! More!!! I am applauding you already Oma Linda!!! Fantastic!! Werewolf?? That's what I am thinking ;o) And, where did she wake up?? This is great!! Hot stuff!!!

  8. intriguing! I wonder who this girl really is...

  9. Can't wait for the next installment!

  10. I'm hooked! I can't wait to read what comes next for Penny.


  11. I love this... I can't wait to read more. ^-^

    Ha! I love the line, "She was a freak and a mean ass drunk"... just fabulous.


  12. Well holy crap! My head is spinning. This is a side to you I have never met and she is oh, so enticing. ;-)

    Wonderful visual description, Miss Oma. I am off to Chapter 2.


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